MyHeritage to digitize and add more than 120 million historical records from Denmark

MyHeritage to digitize and add more than 120 million historical records from Denmark

We’re happy to announce that MyHeritage is adding millions of Danish historical records to SuperSearch, with some collections dating as far back as the 1600s.

MyHeritage has entered into an agreement with the Danish National Archives to index Census and Parish records from 1646 to 1930, content that was not previously digitized. This partnership will provide access to significant sources of family history information in Denmark and enable MyHeritage users to learn more about their Danish ancestors and the lives they led. The collections follow fascinating periods throughout history such as the Napoleonic wars, liberalism and nationalism of the 1800s, the Schleswig Wars and industrialization.

The records will also illuminate the lives and times of noted Danish historical figures such as Kierkegaard and Niels Bohr. Celebrity fans will be able to look into the family history of Danish Americans such as Scarlett Johansson and Viggo Mortensen for clues on their success. Many of the records will be made available on MyHeritage as early as April 2015 and the rest will be added during the year.

MyHeritage will index Danish national censuses, containing around 9 million images and 31 million records, from 1787 to 1930. An invaluable tool for family history research, census records are a rich source of information documenting the names of household occupants, information on residence, ages, places of birth and occupations.

MyHeritage will also index 3.9 million images of Church records containing approximately 90 million names from 1646 to 1915. The Parish Register provides information regarding anyone who was born, baptized or confirmed (after 1737), married or died in a specific parish.

Our matching technologies will be unleashed on these collections and MyHeritage users will receive Record Matches for all records which match profiles in their family trees. Members can save matches and import new information directly to their family trees using our extract information feature.

Our Record Detective technology will ensure that each record points to even more records, turning a single discovery into a door to more. Each record will display a summary of additional records and individuals in family trees relating to the record you’re viewing.

This significant additional content is part of MyHeritage’s goal to keep adding historical content of global interest and add to SuperSearch. Historical records give our users a chance to learn more about the lives of their ancestors and a greater overall genealogical experience.

Let us know what you discover!


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  • Finn S Hansen

    December 22, 2014

    This is EXCITING!!!!! I can hardly wait.