DNA Basics Chapter 2: The Structure of DNA

In November, we introduced the new DNA Basics blog series where we answer some of the most common questions MyHeritage DNA users ask about DNA testing for family history. We’ll delve into MyHeritage DNA features and the science behind the technology,...

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Family Treasures: Uncover the past

I spent many hours as a high school and college student in the famous lion-guarded New York Public Library, researching term papers. On one visit, I picked up a...

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Major Updates and Improvements to MyHeritage DNA Matching

We’re excited to announce major updates and improvements to DNA Matching rolled out today for all our users. Anyone who took a MyHeritage DNA test, and anyone who uploaded...

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Looking at Our History: Images 101

Your grandmother had one. So did your mother. I’ll bet you also have one. At the back of a high closet shelf, in the basement, in the attic, you...

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How An 11-Year-Old Girl Influenced Abraham Lincoln to Grow His Beard

President Abraham Lincoln is known for his many groundbreaking political moves that changed the face of America. As the 16th President of the United States, he is remembered for...

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Half-Siblings Find Each Other After Years of Searching Thanks to a MyHeritage Match

Norwegian user Gunvald Magne, 62, was born in Bergen. At the time, his biological father was married to another woman, and left Gunvald’s mother to raise him as a...

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Endangered Tribes and Genealogy: A conversation with Survival International

MyHeritage recently spoke with Fiona Watson, Campaigns Director for Survival International, about her genealogy efforts as part of the NGO’s work in supporting uncontacted and endangered tribes around the world...

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All in the Family: New York City’s 2018, 1897 mayors are cousins!

In honor of New York City’s 120th anniversary, our Research Team has discovered a familial link between current New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and 1897 New York...

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Win a Chance to Have Your Family Mysteries Solved!

Do you have a mystery in your family that you are itching to solve? Maybe you found a war medal tucked away in an old box and you don’t...

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