Why Do Couples Often Look Alike?

When looking through your old family photos and enhancing the facial features with the MyHeritage Photo Enhancer, you might have noticed an interesting phenomenon. There is often resemblance not only between family members who are genetically related to each other, but...

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MyHeritage Releases Three Historical Record Collections from Wales

We are pleased to announce the publication of three important Welsh historical record collections on MyHeritage: Wales, Parish Births and Baptisms; Wales, Parish Marriages and Banns; and Wales, Parish...

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Family Tree Builder Now Available for macOS Catalina and macOS High Sierra

We’re happy to announce that Mac users with operating systems Catalina and High Sierra can now download and use MyHeritage Family Tree Builder, for free! Enjoyed by millions of...

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MyHeritage Releases Major Collection of Historical Norway Church Records, 1815–1938

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new Norwegian historical record collection — Norway Church Records, 1815–1938. The records in this collection were digitized in collaboration with...

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New: Turn Your MyHeritage Family Photos into Stunning Wall Art

We’re delighted to announce that MyHeritage users can now easily turn their family photos on MyHeritage into beautiful wall art! We have created a seamless product integration with Mixtiles...

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Historical Record Collections Added in September 2020

In September we added 21.7 million historical records from 12 new collections from Australia, Armenia, the British Commonwealth, Canada, Germany, France, and the U.S. This update includes a wide...

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Half Siblings Reunite After Over 80 Years Thanks to MyHeritage DNA!

Torsten Simander, 85, from Stockholm was born to a single mom on March 15, 1934. After living for 7 years with his grandparents, he was then raised by his...

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Free Access to All Death Records for Halloween!

The original All Souls Day — which eventually morphed into Halloween — is celebrated in many traditional Christian societies as a day to honor the memories of one’s ancestors...

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MyHeritage Online Events for October

We hope you have enjoyed our online offerings over September! We’re pleased to let you know that we have another month chock full of incredible online events in store...

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