MyHeritage LIVE: Schedule Now Available

Our first-ever international user conference that will take place in Oslo, Norway is now less than 78 days away! Taking place on the weekend of November 2–4, 2018, MyHeritage LIVE, will feature lectures from world-renowned experts in the fields of genealogy...

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Reconnecting: Finding Four New Sisters

DNA can both reveal secrets and reconnect families. Georgia Stull, 62, of Missouri, is a quilter. She fits the puzzle pieces of patterns into beautiful creations, and she travels...

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Against the Odds: Siblings Maria and Henrik Find Each Other in Sweden

This family reunion story is truly miraculous. Against all the odds, Henrik and Maria, full siblings separated in infancy in South Korea and adopted by two different Swedish families,...

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Reuniting a Purple Heart Medal with a War Hero

August 7 marks National Purple Heart Day. The Purple Heart is a U.S. military medal awarded since 1917 to those either wounded or killed while serving in the U.S...

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Bill Uncovered a Half-Sister Using MyHeritage DNA

Bill (William) Proctor was adopted only three months after he was born, in 1946. His adoptive parents told him that he was adopted, but he was never too interested...

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Family History Surprises for Borussia Dortmund Players

Back in May 2018, we announced a partnership with one of the biggest soccer teams in the world, Borussia Dortmund, for their 2018 U.S. summer tour. Over the summer, we helped...

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Llinda reunites with her biological Grandmother

A Reunion of a Lifetime: Discovering Family Through MyHeritage DNA

Llinda Carrie, 35, from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, had been waiting to meet her biological family her entire life. She had grown up with one baby picture that had the...

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The KGB and the Iron Curtain: Solving a Decades-Old Family Mystery

After countless attempts to locate his family members who disappeared in the former Soviet Union, Rani Markovich always assumed he would never be able to find his long-lost relatives...

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National Famine Memorial in County Mayo

Exploring Irish Genealogy in the Aftermath of the Great Potato Famine

The Great Famine, often referred to as the Irish Potato Famine, was a period of mass hunger and emigration from 1845 to 1851, and its effects were to be...

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