User Stories

“All I ever wanted was to meet my biological family”

It was only when Joanne Perkins was sitting on the train to Toledo, Ohio on her way to meet her biological family for the very first time that she grasped the significance of this journey. The train was taking her to the family she...


Genealogy Breakthroughs with Legacy Tree Genealogists

Our research partners, Legacy Tree Genealogists, provide thorough and efficient family history research services for customers worldwide.   Today, we’re featuring the stories of some amazing breakthroughs they have...


Our Stories: Mysteries from beyond the grave

Since joining MyHeritage a few years ago, Jean Park has encountered some incredible surprises. After believing that her mother was an only child, it was a revelation to discover...


Our Volunteers: From Madeira to MyHeritage

Born on the island of Madeira (Portugal) in 1954, Vasco Gonçalves de Andrade moved to Lisbon in 1976 to work and to study psychology. He holds a degree in...


21 Best Tips From Family History Enthusiasts

Over the years, we’ve featured many incredible stories from MyHeritage users who have made family history discoveries. Some have found hidden photos or mementos of their loved ones, others...


Our Stories: Never-before-seen photos

It’s always exciting to hear about MyHeritage users who have reconnected with family members around the world. One such user, Peri, recently told us about the incredible discovery of...


Our Stories: Uncovering a brood of half-siblings

When Cathy Combs of Spokane, Washington began researching her family history, she had no clue what discoveries were awaiting. She uncovered a huge chunk of family that she never...


Our Volunteers: Viktor finds his family

MyHeritage volunteer, Viktor Langer, 52, lives in the small spa village of  Teplice nad Becvou in Moravia, the Czech Republic – with his wife, Blanka. They have three children...


Our Stories: From illness to discovery

In September 2015, Jacob Eric Stathers, 63, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and began treatment. While undergoing chemotherapy, he found himself with extra time on his hands, and he...


Our Stories: Discovering long-lost siblings

Just a few days after creating a family tree on MyHeritage, Nancy Guay received a message: “My name is Judy, and I think I’m your sister.” These were the...


Our Stories: Decoding an old letter

South Carolina resident Joia Sokol Thompson shared this story about her sister Carol Sokol, a nurse who lives in Utah. Carol is the Sokol family genealogist and has been...


Our Stories: A past he never imagined

October marks the 210th anniversary of the death of the great British military hero, Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, who was mortally wounded during his final victory at the Battle of...


Send Us Your Stories for a Chance to Win a Kindle!

Do you have a family history discovery story that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it! Looking deeper into your roots and learning more about your family’s...