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African American Genealogy Research: Four important elements

In honor of Black History Month, Carolyn Tolman of our recommended research partner, Legacy Tree Genealogists, has written this guest post on African American research.  Many of us face challenges when conducting African American genealogy research. We begin with relatives closest to us, or known...


Christmas Traditions Around the World

This is a guest post by Carolyn Tolman, a project manager at Legacy Tree Genealogists, the recommended research partner of MyHeritage. Legacy Tree Genealogists has been providing full-service genealogical research...

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Children Can’t be Born Before Their Parents: A common-sense guide for genealogical beginners

This is a guest post by Jennifer Mendelsohn. A freelance journalist for more than 20 years, Jennifer Mendelsohn’s work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post,...

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How To Host a Remarkable Family Reunion

This is a guest post by Janet Hovorka, author of Zap the Grandma Gap and workbooks about engaging youth with family history. Janet writes The Chart Chick and the...

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Shaping Europe: 5 important events

This is a guest post by Andrew Koch, an editor and content producer for In addition to the print and digital versions of Family Tree Magazine, he and...

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Developing a DNA Testing Plan

This is a guest post by Paul Woodbury, a Senior Researcher for our research partners, Legacy Tree Genealogists. The worldwide genealogy research firm has extensive expertise in combining genetic genealogy...

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Family Memories from Down Under

This is a guest post by Shauna Hicks. She is a professional genealogist, former archivist, and librarian who has been researching her own family history since 1977. Shauna worked in government...

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Do Genealogists Care About Family Artifacts?

This is a guest post by Joy Shivar, owner of Family Heirloom Exchange, a surname-searchable, bulletin board-style website used by antique dealers and others to reach out to...

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DNA and Genealogy: Why Test Your Older Relatives

Why should you consider testing your older relatives before exploring your own genetic genealogy? The answer lies in genetic inheritance patterns. There are four types of genetic inheritance patterns...

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Digging Deeper: When You Can’t Find a Death Record

This is a guest post by Amie Bowser Tennant, The Genealogy Reporter, and blog content creator for Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems. Amie is actively engaged in genealogy research,...

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Guest Post: They Came to Canada

This is a guest post by John D. Reid, international speaker and author who blogs at Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections. He emigrated thinking he was the Canadian pioneer in his family,...

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Building Bridges — It’s Never Too Soon to Connect Generations Through Heritage

Deanna Bufo Novak is the mother of two young Italian-Polish-Czech-American children. She is an attorney and the creator and author of award-winning, personalized children’s books titled “My Heritage Book”,...

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Our Translators: Candan from Turkey

MyHeritage depends on its dedicated team of volunteer translators to help our users around the world. This month, meet Candan Baysan, a Turkish translator team member, from Ankara, Turkey...

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