Enter Our Mother’s Day Look-Alike Competition

Enter Our Mother’s Day Look-Alike Competition

Have you ever been told you’re the spitting image of your mother? Family resemblances have fascinated us for generations.

Our DNA holds the secrets to our physical features, but the expression of those genes can lead to striking similarities or vast differences between family members. Check out the uncanny resemblance between Kelly Bond and her grandmother Wilhelmina Thomas, captured in this photo shared by Kelly:

As Mother’s Day approaches this year, we’re excited to bring back our look-alike competition! Share your look alike photos with the women in your family and get a chance to win a MyHeritage DNA kit!

Enter by sending your family photos and details to stories@myheritage.com or by uploading them to social media and tagging MyHeritage. Don’t forget to tag MyHeritage on social media and use the hashtag #likemotherlikechild! Find us on: Facebook, InstagramX(Twitter), and TikTok.

Submissions are open until Thursday May 9, 2024. The top photos will be featured on our blog.

We can’t wait to see your entries. Happy Mother’s Day!