Family photos: Creative activities with the kids

Family photos: Creative activities with the kids

Summer is a perfect opportunity to dig out your stash of old family photos and get children interested in their own family history.

A fun activity to help fill time during the school break, learning about family heritage is an excellent way to bond and do something meaningful with the younger generation.

As part of our “Treasure Family Photos” initiative, here are some fun ways to get creative with those old family photos to make beautiful additions to your home that showcase your family legacy.

Photo Time Capsule

A photo in a jar creates a time capsule. In a jar, get the kids to add some of their small personal items that remind them of family fun times such as movie stubs, notes and souvenirs from family vacations.

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Once all the “memories” are added to the jar, put in a recent family photo and close the jar.  Choose to display it on a shelf or bury it in the yard with instructions to not open it for at least 10 years and look forward to the memories you’ll look back to!

Guess Who?:

Improve on the classic game by making your own homemade “Guess Who?” board game. Have fun while learning about ancestors and family roots.

Family Tree:

Decorate your home with a beautiful family tree wall mural. Display your family photos on a pre-made wall decal or have fun painting your own tree with the kids!

Whether a scrapbook or bigger crafts, these creative activities are a terrific way to showcase your family history and get the kids interested in their heritage.

Check out some more ideas for fun-filled, family activities on our Pinterest page for fun activities and on our Treasure Family Photos site.

Have you done any family crafts recently? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Pat

    August 19, 2013

    I really love the family tree idea, how unique…..

  • Esther Fourie

    October 7, 2013

    Love the family tree idea!