Treasure Family Photos: Tips for taking great pictures

Treasure Family Photos: Tips for taking great pictures


Viewing old family photos brings up nostalgic memories.  Whether it’s a wedding, a picnic in the park or goofing around at home, it’s important to preserve those family moments.

We have wonderful old photos from our ancestors, yet it’s also important to document our lives and cherish today’s family gatherings and events.

However, it can be difficult encouraging the kids and and the entire family together to sit for a portrait. That’s why – as part of our “Treasure Family Photos” global initiative – we are offering tips to save and share your family story.

Here are some tips for taking a great family photo:

1. Choose a time that suits everyone
It’s not always easy to get the whole family together at one time. Forward planning is important to make sure everyone can participate.

2. Location, Location!
Keep the location simple and accessible. Make sure there is enough space for everyone to be included in the picture. Pay attention to the background to make sure nothing is distracting focus from the family.

3. Turn on the light
Before taking the photo, check that lighting isn’t too dark or bright. Are you outside? Avoid shooting into the sun.

4. Don’t be afraid of heights
It may seem obvious, but if you’re taking a larger group photo, make sure the tallest family members are in the back and those shorter in the front.

5. What to wear?!
Coordinate, but don’t match. Avoid patterns that will detract from the faces. Dress casual and relaxed. You a natural photo with your family.

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6. 1,2,3, Cheeeeeese!
Photos with half the people blinking or looking away from the camera? Counting down can help people pose and focus for the group shot.

7. Upload and Share
Don’t risk losing those photos and place them online! With a MyHeritage family tree, upload and share them with your relatives – and tag your family in them.

Photo tagging (Click to zoom)

8. Identify relatives
Make sure you record the names of everyone in the photo, as well as the date and location. If it was a particular event, include that information also. If you are unsure, ask other family members who may know. With an online family tree, save those notes to the photos to document your family memories.

9. Annual Photos
Why not make  this a tradition and take an annual family photo? Nothing is more fun than looking back at how everyone has grown through the years.

10. Relax, get goofy and be natural
Go wild and creative! Take an original and goofy picture in addition to the classical family photo.

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  • Val Phillips

    August 12, 2013

    Excellent ideas !