Celebrating World Adoption Day

Celebrating World Adoption Day

Shared DNA isn’t the only thing that makes a family. This World Adoption Day, we celebrate adoptees, adoptive parents, and everyone whose life was touched by adoption.

MyHeritage’s commitment to supporting the adoptee community is unwavering. We are the only DNA testing company that allows people to upload their DNA data to our database and view and contact DNA Matches for free. Our Research team offers free professional help to adoptees who are trying to contact a close DNA match or understand their results, and has had the honor and privilege of facilitating countless reunions between adoptees and their biological family members. Additionally, we have donated around 20,000 free DNA kits to adoptees looking for their birth families as part of our pro bono DNA Quest initiative.

Here are just a few stories of adoptees who found biological family members thanks to MyHeritage DNA:

Sisters Christine and Kim, abandoned in a train station as infants, were reunited

Christine Pennell and Kim Haelen are full sisters who were born in Daegu, South Korea. They were each found, several months apart, abandoned in the local train station. The authorities didn’t know there was any connection between them, and they were placed for adoption on different continents: Kim in Belgium and Christine in the United States. Each grew up without any awareness that she had a sister on the other side of the world. Then, they each took MyHeritage DNA tests — and discovered each other.

Kim and Christine, a pair of Korean sisters who found each other thanks to MyHeritage DNA

Kim (left) and Christine (right)

The sisters’ story was documented in our first-ever documentary film, The Missing Piece. Read more about their story here, and watch the full documentary below:

Kara Miller had both her dads walk her down the aisle

Kara Miller was placed for a closed adoption when she was two days old. Years after taking a DNA test through DNA Quest, Kara received a match that led her to connect with both of her birth parents. Months later, both her birth dad and her adoptive dad were able to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day.

Kara with her birth father and adoptive father on her wedding day

Kara with her birth father (left) and adoptive father (right)

Read more details here, and watch the moving video about her story below:

Sisters Diane and Mary found each other and reunited after 50 years apart

Diane Ward was adopted as a baby in the state of Michigan, where adoption records were sealed. A few years ago, she decided to buy a MyHeritage DNA kit, and immediately received a close match — a cousin who led her to Mary. Mary had also been adopted when she was young, but she had known the sisters’ birth mother, who unfortunately passed away 20 years ago.

Left to right: Diane, their mother, and Mary

Left to right: Diane, their mother, and Mary

The sisters were finally reunited this summer and spent a beautiful weekend together in North Carolina.

Read the full story here, and watch the video below to witness their reunion:

Looking for a happy ending to your own story?

If you’re an adoptee searching for your birth family — or a family member searching for someone who was placed for adoption — MyHeritage is here for you.

Sometimes, DNA testing is the only way to make progress with your search. If you’re considering taking a DNA test, you might find the following MyHeritage Knowledge Base articles helpful:

If you’re ready to take a test, order your MyHeritage DNA kit here. (They’re currently on sale for a great price!)

Many experts recommend casting your net as wide as possible by adding your DNA data to multiple databases. If you’ve already taken a DNA test with another service, you can upload your DNA data to MyHeritage, and then view and contact your DNA Matches — all for free. The video below will show you how to upload your DNA data to MyHeritage:

If you get stuck in the process and need help interpreting your results or contacting an unresponsive DNA Match, our Research team will be more than happy to assist you. Send us your story via this form or email us at stories@myheritage.com.

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