AI Time Machine™ Continues to Soar

AI Time Machine™ Continues to Soar

It’s been one exhilarating week since we launched AI Time Machine™, our fun new feature that enables you to transform yourself into historical figures. People are having a blast as they take AI time-travel a spin. We’ve loved hearing your feedback and seeing your reactions and just yesterday added 17 new AI themes for you to try such as Sultan, World Explorer, Middle Ages Astronomer, Portrait by Van Gogh,1930s Scientist, and 1940s Painter.

Travel back in time with AI Time Machine™

Here are some of the latest news items and social media posts featuring MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine™:

Yesterday morning the anchors of Good Morning Britain, a popular morning TV show in the UK, enjoyed their AI Time Machine results:

Ben who has Scandinavian roots was excited to see himself as a Viking, channeling what his Nordic ancestors may have looked like. 

And here is Susanna as a Cowgirl:

Watch the rest of the TV segment here

In the Netherlands, the popular TV show, RTL Boulevard, featured the AI Time Machine™ in their broadcast yesterday. Presenter Luuk Ikink told the audience ‘this is the new viral thing’ and showed AI pics of himself and his RTL colleagues:

From left to right: Eddy Zoëy, Rome Aristocrat; Kelly Weekers, Greek Goddess; Rob Goossens, Ancient Greece; Luuk Ikink, Ancient Greek

From left to right: Eddy Zoëy, Rome Aristocrat; Kelly Weekers, Greek Goddess; Rob Goossens, Ancient Greece; Luuk Ikink, Ancient Greek

Genealogist Randy Seaver had fun with the latest themes and posted the results on his blog Genea-Musings:

Randy as a Van Gogh portrait

Randy as a Van Gogh portrait

Randy as French royalty

Randy as French royalty

Randy as an 18th century composer

Randy as an 18th century composer

Randy from the 1960s

Randy from the 1960s

Taking over TikTok

People from all over the world have taken to TikTok to share what they love about their new AI images and contemplate versions of themselves in other historical periods.

Here are some of our favorites.

After seeing herself as a Viking, Heirloom Hunter Chelsey Brown shared, 

“Maybe I need to reevaluate my hairstyle and outfit?”


It’s the @myheritage AI Time Machine 👀#genealogy #historybuff #historytok #BetheReasonVisa

♬ Sing Sing Sing 单簧管 – 曾祥瑞萨克斯

@reallinshady’s discovered the historic era that suits her best: American Pioneer! Her viral TikTok already has 1.5 million views.


Google “my heritage AI time machine” — stole this idea from @Chelsey Brown hehe #aitimemachine #myheritage @MyHeritage

♬ original sound – Lindy

Zayra captioned her viral TikTok “this is genuinely the coolest experience!”

She believes that the images that most resonate with her may be an indication that she lived during that era in a past life. 

She always felt a weird connection with the 50s and after seeing these images, she now believes she was there!

She also discovers how one of her photos looks exactly like her own mother!


This is genuinely the coolest experience #aitimemachine #myheritage #greenscreensticker

♬ original sound – Zayra Sandoval 🧚🏼

Ari captioned her viral TikTok, “Everyone please do this, such a serotonin boost!”


everyone plz do this its such a serotonin boost @MyHeritage @Chelsey Brown #aitimemachine #IntuitTouchdownDance #BeTheReasonVisa #history #timetraveler #greenscreen

♬ original sound – arifromtheblock

Another one of our favorite TikToks was by Megan who enjoyed discovering how similar she looks to both of her Grandmas from different sides of her family. 

In this photo she looks a lot like her mom and Grandma on her mom’s side:

Timeless Tweets

Genealogist Sharn White tweeted: 

Netflix Israel tweeted about the release of the new season of Emily in Paris and showed how Lilly Collins may have looked in previous eras.

Social Media Editor Ruby Naldrett tweeted:

Meryn tweeted about her surreal results:

Lydia Jane tweeted:

Jack tweeted:

Sarah Nadav tweeted:

EJ tweeted:

Meli Alexander tweeted:

Discombobulated Suzanne tweeted:

Chris Paton tweeted:

What will you discover about yourself using AI Time Machine™? If you haven’t tried it yet, we invite you to experience this mind-blowing technology for yourself.