AI Time Machine™ Goes Viral and Makes History on Social Media!

AI Time Machine™ Goes Viral and Makes History on Social Media!

AI Time Machine™ is an innovative and fun new feature that enables you to transform yourself into historical figures using AI technology. Read about this groundbreaking technology in our AI Time Machine™ announcement blog post.

Immediately following the launch of MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine™, it went viral. Since the launch, which occurred just a few days ago, tons of AI images have been created, and users have been delighted with the results. Many people have shared their amazing results on their social media platforms, evoking love, laughter, and admiration from their friends and family.

Have you taken AI Time Machine™ for a spin? It’s very simple to use and the results are mind-blowing. Go to, upload several photos of yourself from different angles and let the AI Time Machine™ work it’s magic. Within 30- 90 minutes it will craft remarkable images of you as if you were living during the time of your ancestors.

Here are some of the latest news articles and social media posts featuring MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine™:

The Daily Mail had a lot of fun over the weekend sharing what some of their favorite celebrities might have looked like during different historical times.

“The science team fed photos of James Corden, Piers Morgan and Drew Barrymore into the tool – and got some rather hilarious results. Corden looks well-groomed and ready for battle in his Viking clobber, while Morgan makes a real mean-looking bandit from the Wild West.”

CNN Anchor Jake Tapper tweeted to his 3.2 million followers:

Sports Commentator Keith Olbermann tweeted:

Genealogist Auntie Jen tweeted:

Writer and TV Producer Rebecca Rideal tweeted:

Tech blogger Hillel Fuld tweeted:

And again with more results:

Journalist Sarah Tuttle-Singer shared:

Beloved singer Shlomo Artzi shared:

David Lange tweeted his results:

Actor Andy Brooke tweeted:

BBC producer Jamie McLoughlin tweeted:

Genealogists and historians have also taken to sharing their time-travel experiences, along with witty remarks. Here are a few gems we enjoyed very much:

Historian and writer Sarah Elizabeth Cox joked:

Genealogist and journalist Jennifer Mendelsohn tweeted:

Archaeologist Dr. Ulla Moilanen tweeted:

Genealogist Jane Roberts tweeted:

David Allen Lambert tweeted:

Genealogist Steve Jackson tweeted:

Amber Oldenburg tweeted:

Janna Last tweeted:

We’ve also seen fans on Instagram and TikTok!

Genealogist and educator Dr. Adina from -My Family Genie shared this video (click here to watch):

Creative Technologist Ran Bensimon shared:

Evie Lake shared:

Athlete Drouker shared:

Genealogist Daniel L shared his experience:


@myheritage have definitely outdone themselves this time! Give a try yourself. (P.S. NOT an ad) — the style I had chosen to have that one generated was the 1950s option. What one is your favourite? #Genealogy #FamilyHistory #technology #ai #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #history #tech #techtok

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Taneya travels through time with her TikTok video:


these AI-created time travel photos of me are wild! @myheritage’s Time Machine tool is cool!

♬ MOMENTS IN LIFE – Turreekk

Even some brands have gotten in on the excitement! Rebar, a smoothie company, is showcasing what refreshments may have looked like in previous times!

And finally the Yes satellite TV company shared the imagined ancestors of what the reality star Maor Buzaglo looked like. The post reads “Think there are just 7 seasons of the Buzaglo Family reality show? These images of the ancestors of Maor Buzaglo prove otherwise. 😉 ”

Now it’s your turn! Join the ever-growing group of delighted time-travelers and find out what you might have looked like during the times of your ancestors. Visit the AI Time Machine™ today! Free for a very limited time!