Meet us at RootsTech 2021!

Meet us at RootsTech 2021!

If you’ve been dreaming of attending the annual RootsTech conference, but haven’t been able to go in years past, you may be delighted to learn that for the first time ever, the world’s largest genealogy event will be entirely virtual and completely free! Over 500K attendees from all world are expected to attend the virtual lectures and booths, offering new opportunities to connect with genealogy and family history enthusiasts from all over the world. As a platinum sponsor for the event, you’ll have the opportunity to hear some incredible MyHeritage feature announcements and 100’s of lectures from our experts on all things genealogy, DNA and MyHeritage. The conference officially starts February 25th and ends February 27th 2021. 

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Visit the MyHeritage virtual booth

We’d love to meet you! Our virtual booth is open! Come visit and chat with MyHeritage representatives about all of our features, products, and services. You can even start your own chats and meet other MyHeritage fans from all over the world.

MyHeritage Lectures

We are excited to be presenting the MyHeritage keynote this year on the main Rootstech virtual stage. Be the first to hear our big feature announcement on February 25th at 7:18Am MST or 7:30PM MST. You can also catch it on Friday, February 26 at 4:30AM MST and 4:18PM MST. 

In addition to the MyHeritage keynote, you’ll be able to access hundreds of MyHeritage lectures in 10 different languages throughout the Rootstech conference. The lectures cover a wide array of topics in genealogy, DNA, and all things happening at MyHeritage. They will be available on demand, 24 hours a day, starting on Thursday, February 25 at 9am MST.

Here is your guide to all our must-watch lectures happening this weekend.

Lectures on Genealogy

  • Genealogy by the Clock: What You Can Do with the Time You Have: You’ll get specific recommendations for how to make the most of the time that’s available to you and move forward with your genealogy, even if it’s only a few minutes at a time.
  • Planting a Family Tree Online on MyHeritage: Learn the basics of building a family tree, adding new people, and filling in their details, and discover how MyHeritage technologies help you effortlessly make new discoveries.
  • Exploring Billions of Historical Records on MyHeritage: Learn how to use MyHeritage’s historical record search engine to systematically search 13+ billion historical records from around the world and find information about your ancestors.
  • How I Found My Jewish American Family, A Genealogy Research Success: Learn from expert genealogist Daniel Horowitz about his experience retracing the steps of his family in the U.S. and glean some useful advice on how to research yours.
  • If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now: Learn about common genealogy mistakes so you can get it right the first time — or revisit your research and make new discoveries.

Lectures on DNA

  • Introducing Genetic Groups with Ran Snir: Discover the long-awaited enhancement of MyHeritage DNA’s ethnicity results: Genetic Groups, which dramatically increase the resolution of MyHeritage’s ethnicity breakdown to 2,114 geographic regions.
  • How to Analyze Your DNA Matches: Genetic genealogy 101! Learn new strategies for reviewing your matches so you can advance your family history research.
  • MyHeritage DNA — An Overview: Get an introduction to MyHeritage DNA with all its features and tools, and shows you how you can use your results to learn about your family background, find new relatives, and make new discoveries about your family.
  • Advanced DNA Tools to Analyze MyHeritage DNA Matches: Learn to use MyHeritage’s advanced tools for genetic genealogy to reveal how you and your DNA Matches may be related.

Lectures on MyHeritage Features

  • MyHeritage’s New Tools for Historical Photos with Keren Dotan: Product Manager Keren Dotan shares the latest enhancements to MyHeritage In Color™ and shows you how MyHeritage’s photo tools can help you encounter your ancestors as you’ve never seen them before.
  • Genealogy on the Go with the MyHeritage Mobile App: Genealogy doesn’t have to stop because you’re on the move! Learn how to enjoy MyHeritage features from the palm of your hand and enrich your tree anytime, anywhere.
  • Using MyHeritage Photo Tools to Enhance Your Genealogical Research: Discover how MyHeritage’s tools for colorizing and enhancing photos can enrich your family history research.
  • Minimum Effort, Maximum Output: Making Discoveries on MyHeritage: Learn how to use MyHeritage’s automatic matching technologies to instantly grow your family tree.
  • MyHeritage PedigreeMap™ — An Interactive Map of Your Family History: Learn to use MyHeritage PedigreeMap™ to take an interactive tour of the places where significant events occurred in your family.
  • Creating Beautiful Charts of Your Family Tree on MyHeritage: Learn how to showcase your discoveries with a free, beautiful chart of your family tree that you can create on MyHeritage.

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Lectures in 10 Different Languages

In addition to our selection of lectures in English, you’ll also be able to listen to lectures from our experts in German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish. As the #1 destination for family history research and DNA testing in Europe, MyHeritage is proud to be a global genealogy platform. Our website is available in 42 languages, and our ultimate goal is to make genealogy easy and accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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Join us at a truly international RootsTech this year!

By removing the obstacles of distance and cost, RootsTech is going truly international this year! MyHeritage is dedicated to making family history accessible to people all over the world for more than a decade, and we can’t wait for our users from all corners of the globe to join us at RootsTech this year. Registration is free at

See you there!