Family ‘Curse’ Broken after 102 Years!

Family ‘Curse’ Broken after 102 Years!

Is there a long direct line of one gender in your family? How many men versus women are in your family tree?

The statistics section on your MyHeritage family site will provide the answer. Among other interesting facts, see which gender is more prevalent in your family. In my family tree, it’s split pretty evenly. Of 304 people, 156 are male.

If the Underdahl family of Idaho would check their family tree statistics, they would probably see that the men in their tree reigned and are the majority. In their family, there hadn’t been a baby girl born in the direct line for over 100 years. That just changed.

The big surprise came when Ashton Underdahl gave birth to a baby girl last month. Baby Aurelia Marie Ann was the first girl born in the family for 102 years. There had not been a girl born into her dad Scott’s family since 1914. Although the family had known about that long line of males, they were not exactly sure how far back that went until recently. Scott Underdahl’s father, Conrad, began researching his family history and, at a certain point, he realized that there weren’t any female children in the direct line, going back several generations.

In an interview that Ashton recently gave, the new mother of two said: “She’s a cutie. We’ve been spoiling her a bit because it’s just different finally holding a baby girl.”

Even the father of the little ones could not believe it at first. He repeatedly asked Ashton to double check that it was really a girl. Ashton says “Even when we were already in the delivery room, he still asked: ‘What if someone made a mistake and it’s another boy?'”

The family could not be happier. Grandfather Conrad says: “Maybe it took more than 100 years to create perfection. It looks like the family “curse” has now been broken, and one thing is for sure, this baby will be very loved.”

What does your family tree look like? Are there any direct lines in your family with only one gender?