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Create Your Own Personal Flag (and See If You Can Guess Ours!)

While genealogy is often about discovering your past, MyHeritage is also focused on helping people connect with their living family members and sharing their own personal history.

With that in mind, I was delighted to find a website called We Are Multicolored (WAM) which allows you to create your own personal flag. I'm not talking about traditional heraldry or a coat of arms. Rather, you get to create a new flag that has both personal and historical meaning to you!

WAM provides you with very easy to use tools that allows you to create a custom flag based by combining flags from countries that:

  • You live in
  • Has affected you
  • You’ve dreamed of going to

It’s a lot of fun and the tool is very easy to use - just jump on to the site here and you'll see what I mean

Below are some flags created by MyHeritage team members - Can you guess which 3 countries are represented in each of our flags?


Silvia - MyHeritage European Marketing Manager


Robert - MyHeritage UK Community Manager


Walter - MyHeritage Brazil Community Manager


Tara - MyHeritage US Community Manager


Denie - MyHeritage Netherlands Community Manager


Kim (me!) - MyHeritage Australia & New Zealand Community Manager


So, let us know what your guesses are for our flags and also feel free to post a link to your flag in the comments if you make one.

We’ll do a collage blogpost if we get enough sent through

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  1. I think that this is a terrific resource to be used when talking to children about their family history. Thanks for the link
  2. I can't get to the flag creator, only to their main page and that is confusing please help!

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