Fernando’s Journey: The Snowball Effect of a MyHeritage DNA Test

Fernando’s Journey: The Snowball Effect of a MyHeritage DNA Test

In March 2022, we told the story of Fernando Hermansson Carabali and Ivan Andreas, a pair of brothers who found each other thanks to a MyHeritage DNA test — and the subsequent discovery of an additional pair of sisters living in Spain.

It would have been incredible enough of a story if it had stopped there.

But it didn’t.

That single DNA test that Fernando took sparked a series of life-changing discoveries, not only for Fernando, but also for the people in his wider circles.

Fernando’s success with the DNA test inspired his ex-wife to try it, too — and she found a sister.

Then Fernando’s adoptive father, who had been adopted himself, took a test and found his own birth father.

Finally, Fernando managed to find his mother, and traveled to Cali, Colombia to meet her for the first time.

We produced a short documentary following him on his journey and recounting how each discovery made way for new ones. You can watch it below:

Fernando’s story demonstrates how the magic of DNA discoveries can resonate beyond your own story and affect the people around you. The lives of people across multiple continents were made richer, family circles were widened, and past wounds began to heal — all thanks to a simple MyHeritage DNA test.

You can also hear more about Fernando’s story on our podcast, Blast From My Past, episode 5: The Colombian Link.

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