Blast From My Past Ep. 5: The Colombian Link

Blast From My Past Ep. 5: The Colombian Link

We’re proud to announce that the fifth episode of our new podcast, Blast From My Past, is now live: “The Colombian Link.” In this episode, we’ll explore the amazing story of Fernando and Ivan, half-brothers who were born in Colombia and adopted by families in different European countries, unaware of each other’s existence. A DNA test result led them to each other… but little did they know, their journey to find their birth families was far from over.

Listen to “The Colombian Link” below:

We first shared Fernando and Ivan’s story in the following MyStory video, when it was still just the two of them:

But soon after, they discovered two additional half-siblings, also from their father: Angela and Sandra from Spain. You can read the blog post with details about their story and watch their reunion video here.

And even that was just the tip of the iceberg. In this podcast episode, you’ll dive deeper into their unbelievable story and learn more about the growing movement of adoptees born in Colombia who are using DNA to discover their birth families.

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