Another Deep Nostalgia™ Milestone Hit: 80 Million Animations

Another Deep Nostalgia™ Milestone Hit: 80 Million Animations


When we released Deep Nostalgia™ at the end of February this year, we knew our users would be enthralled — but we never dreamed it would become this much of a sensation. Today we celebrate another unimaginable milestone: 80 million animations have been created on MyHeritage using Deep Nostalgia™.

We created the video below to look back on the global phenomenon that Deep Nostalgia™ has become. Animations were shared far and wide across social media platforms; two top-tier comedians (Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert) commented on it in their shows; celebrities such as Ian McKellin, Mark Hamill, Pee Wee Herman, and Jake Tapper Tweeted about it; more than 1,700 news outlets reported on it, as did more than 700 TV segments; and it rocketed the MyHeritage mobile app to the top spot in the App Store in 22 countries. Check it out:

We want to thank you, our users, for trying it out and sharing your animations and your stories with us and with the world. We couldn’t have done any of this without you.

Haven’t tried it yet? Come on board! Animate your old family photos with Deep Nostalgia™ now.

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