CNN Interviews MyHeritage CEO Gilad Japhet on Deep Nostalgia™

CNN Interviews MyHeritage CEO Gilad Japhet on Deep Nostalgia™

The dizzying success of MyHeritage’s new photo feature Deep Nostalgia™ continues! Today we hit the milestone of 30 million animations created. The MyHeritage mobile app has rocketed to #1 in the rankings for free iOS apps in 22 countries. Founder and CEO of MyHeritage, Gilad Japhet, was interviewed on CNN International by correspondent Julia Chatterley about the feature that has become such a phenomenon and the company behind it.

Watch the full interview here:

In the interview, Gilad talked about how Deep Nostalgia™, created using D-ID technology, was conceived, how it works, and why this feature seems to have resonated so deeply with audiences across the globe. He mentioned that he had been particularly moved to see an animation of his father while working on the release of this feature. Interviewer Julia Chatterley also became quite emotional at the display of a Deep Nostalgia™ animation of her own grandmother.

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  • Abbas

    March 13, 2021

    Iam so excited to make my late mom face photos talk again