50 Million Animations Created with Deep Nostalgia™! 

We’ve reached another exciting milestone with Deep Nostalgia™: 50 million animations have been created in just 18 days! With each passing day, we receive many enthusiastic responses and touching stories about what seeing a family photo animated with Deep Nostalgia™ has done for our users. Each and every one of them warms our hearts and makes us proud and humbled to be able to bring this feature to you.

Watch the video below to witness some of the deeply moving reactions from users seeing their relatives animated with Deep Nostalgia™:

Last week, we launched the #DeepNostalgiaChallenge, offering a free MyHeritage Complete plan to 5 lucky winners who share their favorite animations created with Deep Nostalgia™. The contest runs until March 31, so if you haven’t entered yet, you still have a chance! Click here to read more about the challenge and to learn how to enter.

Meanwhile, we’d like to share some more of our favorite Deep Nostalgia™ animations that users recently shared with us.

The following animation from Autumn Abby features her father’s mother, who passed away in 2013:

We love her smile!

Next is an animation from Christy Vanoss, portraying her grandmother Vivian Jouett Chambers Horn:

“My little grandmother was born in 1905,” writes Christy. “She was under 5 feet tall and married Henry Horn, who was over 6 feet tall. She always wore heels while my grandfather was alive.”

Christy shares her grandparents’ love story: “In the beginning of her teaching career she was living with the principal and his wife when she eloped with Henry Horn,” she writes. “She tried to keep it a secret but the principal knew, said it was fine and she kept her teaching position. Vivian retired from teaching after 43 years.”

Christy writes that both she and her mother followed in Vivian’s footsteps and became schoolteachers themselves.

It is fascinating to see my grandmother come to life as a young lady,” writes Christy. “Deep Nostalgia is amazing!”

Next we have this animation of Sarah Ferguson Potter’s indomitable great-great-aunt Elizabeth Kay, born in 1863:

“She was a business owner, Carrie Nation supporter, land owner and general badass,” writes Sarah. “She’s always been a role model of mine. She took in my grandfather as a teenager when [his father] remarried a woman he didn’t like after his mother died. She lived upstairs while he and my grandmother lived there after marrying in 1934. She left the house to him at her death in 1944 and it became the house my dad was born in.”

The animation below from Phil Wild features his father in his Royal Air Force uniform during World War II:

“My dad didn’t marry until later in life,” Phil explains, “so it’s been great seeing him like this as a young man.”

“The process is so simple and really fascinating,” adds Phil.

Next is an animation from Francesca Loftis, featuring her maternal grandmother, Maria Assuncion Hyndman, who died before she was born:

“The animation made me feel like her spirit had entered her picture and it moved me to tears and filled my heart with love,” writes Francesca. “Thank you for this moment.”

Deanna Martin shared this remarkable animation of her maternal grandmother and great-grandparents:

“Deep Nostalgia has provided a time machine for my family and me to reconnect with our ancestors, and it has been an endlessly rewarding experience,” writes Deanna. “This precious photo from 1919 shows my maternal grandmother as a baby with her parents. It’s the only image we have of her mother, Minnie, who died in a house fire at age 24 when my grandmother was just 7 weeks old. To see our beautiful Minnie in motion, over 100 years later, is a gift.”

The animation below is from Diane Thompson, and she writes: “My cousin lost his mother when he was pretty young. Each time I come across a photo of her I pass them along and he is very grateful. His mother was the first person I chose to play with and it wasn’t even a very good picture of her but it was amazing that it even enhanced the ‘enhanced’ photo and he went on and on about how wonderful it was to see her ‘live.’”

Thank you so much to all who have shared their animations and stories with us, and to all who have chosen to animate their family photos using Deep Nostalgia™. Please keep sharing, and don’t forget to enter the #DeepNostalgiaChallenge for a chance to win a free MyHeritage Complete plan — which will enable you to animate as many photos as you like for free.

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  • Barbara J Carter

    March 17, 2021

    WOW! This is so amazing & awesome, like a dream come true, I so would love this.

  • Lolita Labandria Laitinen

    March 21, 2021

    love this its make me cry

  • sally houston

    March 21, 2021

    This is seriously creepy – I won’t be doing it on any of my photos. The enhance feature is terrific. Colorizing is great, though I love the old b&w photos. But not this one

  • Sandra Gawinski

    March 22, 2021

    I was surprised that my favorite genealogy site had created colorized photos….but this advanced motion feature is nothing short of amazing! I’m not surprised, MyHeritage never disappoints!

  • Richard Nichol Bathgate

    March 22, 2021

    I very much like this new product & would like it added to my heritage .

  • Marilyn

    March 23, 2021

    This is brilliant can’t wait to be able to use it