Here Are the Winners of the #EnhancedandColorized Photo Contest!

Here Are the Winners of the #EnhancedandColorized Photo Contest!

Last month, we unlocked the MyHeritage photo tools — the Photo Enhancer and MyHeritage In Color™ — for all users to enjoy for free for a limited time. To celebrate the occasion, we launched the #EnhancedandColorized photo contest and offered to award a free Complete plan to 3 lucky winners who shared their enhanced and colorized family photos on social media.

The response was incredible! We have truly enjoyed going through the entries and seeing your family photos come to life thanks to MyHeritage’s groundbreaking photo enhancement and colorization tools. So first, we’d like to extend a special thank you to each and every person who shared their results with us.

Below are some of the entries we thought deserved an honorable mention:

Honorable mentions

We love the poses with the 1940s and 1950s vehicles in this entry from Layla Aburish:

Check out the stripes on that tie in this image of Efim Ilinykh’s father and grandfather!

We were struck by Santa’s cottony beard and the detail on his hands in this entry from Fred Couch:

This enhanced and colorized image of these lovely ladies, including the great-grandmother of user Alona Tester, looks like it could have been taken yesterday. Check out the flowers embroidered on the throw pillow:

Love the 1920s bob and the design on the dress in this entry from Anita Bonita! Looks like satin and velvet:

The Photo Enhancer really did a fantastic job bringing out the details in this one from Alon Tsur, from the sash on the boater hat to the pout on this adorable little girl’s face:

We’re floored at the before/after effect in this entry from Cristina! Incredible how this very faded sepia photo was transformed — and it’s nice to know that it was still hard to get kids to hold still and look at the camera back in 1897:

What an incredible photo from John Burroughs, and how amazing to see the colors on the items in the display windows of this 19th-century family store:

Such a sweet photo from Norman Jacobs — the colorization really brings out the polka dot pattern on the dress:

We’re excited right along with Andrei Cucuruz to see the incredibly detailed expressions in this photo of his grandfather and great-grandfather:

“Troll Embusque” found these photos in a house in Burgundy, depicting a family in Oran. Given the age of the girl and the lack of a groom present, it appears that this may have been her first Communion day. 

Simon Horna’s grandfather had us fooled in this one! We wonder where he got that plaid skirt:

What a sweet gift from Barry Benton’s great-grandfather to his great-grandmother so long ago, from the polka-dot tie to the lovestruck expression on his face:

Barry also shared all these incredible photos:

We love the slick pompadours on Wansung Parizotto’s grandparents:

That’s quite a ‘stache on Helfrich Bornheim’s ancestor:

What lovely eyes in this image from Lauxmann Jochen!

Love the rich wood on the violin and the pattern on the tablecloth in this one from René Holder-McClean:

René also shared this one of his father. He says he remembers playing with this hat as a child:

Astonishing transformation on this classic portrait from Charles C. Andrews:

And on this one from Jean Marconi! We’re especially impressed by the detail on the face of the woman on the right:

And on this one from John Newmark! What a lovely group of women:

Incredible to see the detail on Lezwon Castelino’s great-grandmother’s traditional dress:

We love the expression on this user’s grandfather’s face. We’re so glad they discovered us!

Samantha Fidge found out what color the uniforms (probably) were on her ancestors who played in the Dysart Town Band!

Check out the sparkle in the eyes of Lesley Hulbert’s father in this enhanced enlistment photo (third photo in the carousel):

Queenie’s windswept hair is particularly striking in this one, also from Lesley:

A great one of Lesley’s grandmother, great-aunt, and great-grandmother:

What a beautiful mother-daughter portrait of Thijs DeVries’s grandmother and great-grandmother:

Angel Collado shares this photo of his dapper great-grandfather with his brothers at their tailor shop, and says his cousin served as taylor to the Count of Barcelona and to King Juan Carlos I of Spain:

Such determination on the face of Sara Higley’s great-grandfather in this entry:

What a fun photo from Nicola, and we love the story behind it, too.

Amazing how crisp the details are in this one from Jürgen Siebert!

And how clear the colors are in this one from Melissa Allen:

Melissa also gave us this beautiful rendering of a photo of her great-great-grandfather:

We’re so moved to hear that we helped Chandré see the grandfather she never met in full color:

Such a sweet photo from Roger Moffat:

Blown away by this collection from Black Visali:

And this one from Valerie Lambert:

Amazing detail on the pony in this one from Heather Sabin:

This one from “Know Who Wears the Genes in Your Family” makes us feel like we’re standing right in this market:

This one from Karen Red is just so cute!

Such incredible results in this one from Michael Johne, which depicts his uncle’s baptism at Luther Church in Radebeul, Germany:

Anneli Ighil transformed images of her family in Sweden, amazing results:

Entry from Louise with pictures from her grandma’s old photo album from the time her family was in USA in the 1920s, and also some from when they came back to Sweden.

We just love this big, happy family from the 1920s:

This photo itself is still a bit blurry, but the story behind it really struck us: “Clara (in the center, standing), abandoned in a 19th century foundling wheel when she was a newborn, had to work hard to survive the harsh portuguese countryside life. Being a single mother of two (the girls standing on her right and left sides) was a challenge in the strict patriarchal society of that time. Yet, she brought another abandoned girl (sitting below her) and raised her into her modest family. Clara knew what was like to be a rejected soul. Despite already knowing their resilient hearts, I can finally get a better glimpse of the faces of these strongminded women, about 100 years later, thanks to @MyHeritage_official.” Thank you for sharing this incredible story with us!

Linda Kvist entered an incredible photo of her grandmother’s uncle Voldemar Verno from 1925. He was the youngest of 8 children and worked at the theater in Tallinn.

Wow. So many marvelous entries! We had such a hard time picking the winners!

The Winners

Congratulations to Meli Alexander for this winning entry! Such an expressive photo of her grandfather:

Congratulations to Georgina Gibson on this winning entry! Every one of these photos is amazing:

And congratulations to Welt der Vorfahen for this winning entry! She says it was taken in 1892 and depicts her great-grandmother with her family in front of their summer house in Terijoki, Finland (now Selenogorsk, Russia). The family was displaced by the Bolsheviks in 1917. The Photo Enhancer and MyHeritage In Color™ really brings them to life!

Once again, a huge thank you to all participants — we wish we could award a prize to all of you…

Though our special offer is coming to a close, you can still colorize and enhance your first several family photos for free, and if you have a Complete plan, you can use these tools to your heart’s content. Check out the Photo Enhancer and MyHeritage In Color™ today!


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  • Robert Sopko

    October 14, 2020

    I certainly love the enhanced and colorizing

  • Hazel Lemaire

    October 15, 2020

    The changes in these pictures are amazing!!!!