Adopted Siblings Reunited Through MyHeritage Discover Another Sister Thanks to MyHeritage DNA

Adopted Siblings Reunited Through MyHeritage Discover Another Sister Thanks to MyHeritage DNA

Siblings Henrik and Maria were both adopted from South Korea to Sweden — and neither of them was aware of the other until they found each other in early 2018 thanks to MyHeritage DNA. 

They were overjoyed to reunite and truly believed that their happy ending couldn’t get any better. But it did: Through MyHeritage DNA, the siblings Henrik and Maria found another half-sister living in the United States! 

Watch the heartfelt reunion between the brother and sister who, less than a year ago, didn’t know they had any siblings at all:

The DNA Match 

A few months ago, Maria received a message from a close DNA match: a 36-year-old woman in the US named Lindsey Jordan. Maria was shocked and thought that it was too good to be true. She wrote to Henrik about it right away. Henrik was so excited, he read the message over and over and his heart wouldn’t stop pounding. 

Henrik and Maria’s DNA results showed that they share 35.3% of their DNA, so they had no doubt that they were full siblings. This new match that they received shared 25.5% of her DNA with Maria and the possible relationships indicated half-sister, aunt, or niece. Unsure about the exact relationship, Henrik immediately contacted the MyHeritage team to help him figure it out. 

For three days straight, Henrik and Maria corresponded with Lindsey trying to learn more and piece together their family history. And then the official response from the MyHeritage team came back — definitely half-siblings! 

The team determined that Lindsey is a half-sister to both Henrik and Maria and that they most likely share the same biological mother. 

Maria can’t begin to express how lucky she feels. 

As you can see, this is one year I will never forget. The year when I was both a little sister and a big sister. The year in which my life began a new chapter, a chapter I never dared to dream of, because miracles cannot happen twice.

The reunion 

Lindsey lives with her husband Fernando and her children Oliver (4) and Benjamin (1) in Chicago. The siblings planned to meet as soon as possible to get to know each other. 

An amazing story of discovery through DNA testing has become even more amazing. Thanks to MyHeritage DNA, three siblings have found each other and reunited against all odds. We wish them the best of luck as their families spend time getting to know one another and set out on a new chapter together.


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