Sisters Reunite and Pay Tribute to Father’s Legacy on Father’s Day


Donald Wayne Robbins was born close to Father’s Day, on June 16, 1937. Sadly, he never met his biological daughter Karen and passed away years before her search for him began. He missed the chance to celebrate Father’s Day with her, but this Father’s Day, Karen is meeting her half-sister Shannon for the first time, and together they are celebrating Donald’s life and legacy.

Their heartwarming story was just featured on ABC10.

Shannon (left) embraces her half-sister Karen
Shannon (left) embraces her half-sister Karen [Credit:ABC10]

The Background

Karen Sue Morris Wright from Kansas was raised by her mother and grew up not knowing anything about her biological father. A few months ago she decided to take the plunge, and took a MyHeritage DNA test, hoping to learn about her ethnicity and get more of an idea about her roots.

Karen in her twenties.

A few weeks later she received the surprising news that she had a DNA Match to a first cousin. She contacted the cousin and within a few hours, they determined her father’s identity. Unfortunately, she learned that her father, Donald Wayne Robbins, passed away in 1996.

Karen was blown away by her striking resemblance to Donald.

To her delight, she learned of a half-sister, Shannon Armbruster, living in Seattle. Karen and Shannon connected and bonded instantly.

Shannon and I strangely made an instant connection when we first talked. She knew she had a sister somewhere, but didn’t know my name or how to find me.

In addition, Karen has already visited one of her dad’s sisters, who lives in Placerville, California.

The Father’s Day Reunion

Karen and Shannon flew to California today, Father’s Day 2019, to meet each other for the first time.

Half-sisters Karen (left) and Shannon meet for the first time
Half-sisters Karen (left) and Shannon meet for the first time [Credit:ABC10]
Together they visited their father’s grave in Westwood Hills Memorial Park, Placerville, California to pay tribute to his life and legacy.

Donald’s final resting place in Westwood Hills Memorial Park, Placerville, California.

Karen and Shannon are thrilled to have found each other and they’re eager to catch up on lost time. It’s so meaningful for them to be able to celebrate this Father’s Day, their late father’s birthday, together at last.

How is your family celebrating Father’s Day?

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  • Shannon Armbruster

    June 19, 2019

    My heritage you brong me and my sister togethier! We are so greatful I pray some day I will be able to find the last 3 brothers and sister I have out their by DnaGod bless you my heritage!