Woman Reunited with Mother After 50-Year Search


MyHeritage user Faith Loftesness of Colorado was adopted as a baby at a hospital in 1957 in Albany, New York. She was nine when she learned she was adopted. Then she began looking for her biological parents, wanting to know more about where she came from. Her 50-year search finally ended when she recently reunited with her biological mother, thanks to MyHeritage DNA.

Watch the emotional reunion here:

Along the way, Faith hit many brick walls and dead-ends. She resigned herself to the fact that it just wasn’t meant to be.

Nine years ago, her daughter Aimee Campanella decided to take over, and help her mother make headway in her search. Three years ago, Aimee bought Faith a DNA kit for Mother’s Day. She uploaded Faith’s DNA data to MyHeritage to expand the chances of matching with family.

Initially, there were no close matches. But one day, they were surprised with a high-confidence match to a woman, 82, in Albany, where Faith was adopted. The estimated relationship was “mother.” Aimee contacted the woman, Marcia, to learn more about her story.

Marcia Mastroianni was 22, a single mom who wanted to give her daughter a better life and gave her up for adoption. She thought of Faith so many times over the years, but the adoption was closed through the Catholic Church, and Marcia wasn’t able to find her.

Faith and Aimee flew to Albany to meet Marcia for a special reunion.

Faith couldn’t believe that after all these years, her dream was finally coming true.

I don’t know how to describe it. You stand there and you’re like number one, in disbelief, this can’t be happening.

Aimee noticed so many similarities between her mother and grandmother.

I’m sitting back with them, watching them, and they both talk with their hands. They both lick their lips, they giggle when they’re nervous. Yeah, it’s pretty amazing.

Faith understands why Marcia decided to place her for adoption all those years ago.

She made a choice totally out of love, because she knew I was not going to have a good life at that point.

Faith’s message to everyone who is still searching for family members is to never give up hope, even if it takes decades. For now, Faith, Marcia, and Aimee are all so happy to have found one another and to make the most of the time that they have together.

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  • Martina Pullen

    February 16, 2019

    Is it quite possible to prove with your DNA analysis whether a half sibling ( sharing same father ) is indeed your half sibling ??

  • Rhonda winn

    February 16, 2019

    I too am searching for my biological father.
    I have done DNA testing but no results except cousins.
    PLEASE help me.

  • john

    February 17, 2019

    I was adopted at 6 months of age at queen of angels hospital in los angeles California in 1941 believe mother went to la high school and was possible future actress,please help….john