MyHeritage LIVE 2018: Lectures now online!

MyHeritage LIVE 2018: Lectures now online!

We’re excited to release videos of the main lectures from MyHeritage LIVE, our first-ever user conference. If you missed the conference or the live-streaming, now’s your chance to take advantage of these fantastic recordings, hosted on Legacy Family Tree Webinars for free. Even if you’ve already seen them, they’re worth watching twice — with so much information to absorb from each one!

Here is a comprehensive list of all the talks with a full description of each and links to watch them.

Name of LectureGiven byDescriptionLink
Opening Session: A love affair with genealogy PLUS Industry-changing announcementsGilad JaphetIn his keynote address at the first-ever MyHeritage LIVE family history conference in Oslo, Norway, MyHeritage Founder and CEO, Gilad Japhet, talks about his passion for family history and recounts the milestones in his genealogy journey. He also outlines his roadmap of the future of genealogy and makes industry-changing announcements about genetics.Watch now
GenealogyTurning MyHeritage Clues Into Genealogy To Do'sThomas MacEnteeDoes your genealogy research get bogged down when you find new clues on MyHeritage about an ancestor? Do you stop everything and chase after that BSO (“bright and shiny object”)? Learn how to increase your research efficiency and still remember that new information for later investigation.Watch now
GenealogyHow I Use MyHeritage

Vidar ØverlieThis presentation will give examples on how the unique SuperSearch database can provide new family history information. Focus is on importance of source citation, searching strategy and checking original records. The presentation also addresses where to get help in this process.Watch now
GenealogyResearching with MyHeritage SuperSearch
Daniel Horowitz and Tal ErlichmanMyHeritage has developed a state-of-the-art tool to help people find relatives, evidence and sources over the internet, taking advantage of the known and missing information in the family tree, the power of collaboration between members, the consensus of the crowd sourcing and 9+ billion records, to provide the most extensive genealogy searches available on the Internet. Hi-tech algorithms were created to cover spelling and phonetic variations, understand nicknames, handle synonyms and deal with ethnic variations. Watch now
GenealogyA Guide to Scandinavian Records on MyHeritageMike MansfieldMyHeritage has partnered with archives and institutions to publish a wealth of new collections for Scandinavia and Finland. This session will describe and demonstrate these incredible resources and provide strategies for using these new collections. There has never been a better time to do Scandinavian and Finnish research.
Watch now
GenealogyHow to Find Your Family in Newspapers with MyHeritage SuperSearchLisa Louise CookeEven if your ancestors were not famous, their lives can still be discovered in newspapers. You will learn the types of key family history information that can be found in historical newspapers, and how to identify newspapers that likely covered your ancestors.Watch now
GenealogyWhat's Next: The MyHeritage Roadmap
Maya LernerTake a glance into 2018's accomplishments at MyHeritage and look ahead to its future plans.Watch now
GenealogyNewspaper Research Strategies Using MyHeritageThomas MacEnteeNewspapers are a valuable resource for genealogy research. Don’t think your ancestors were not important enough to appear in the paper OR that it is too difficult to find anything in newspaper records. Learn how to leverage the historic newspapers at MyHeritage to locate your ancestors, understand their daily lives and local and world events that shaped their lives.Watch now
GenealogyMatching Technologies: How to Discover Relatives Without Searching
Mike MansfieldMany products and services at MyHeritage are designed to help genealogists spend their time efficiently. This session will demonstrate how having a tree on MyHeritage opens an incredible array of services which work seamlessly and automatically to find relevant and new information for genealogists to incorporate into their research.Watch now
GenealogyAn Introduction to Geni
Mike StangelLearn more about the benefits of collaboration in a single family tree, including adding sources to shared profiles, communicating with public discussions, understanding the revision history of profiles, and working with projects. Learn how Geni and MyHeritage work together to help improve the quality of the World Family Tree and connect you to new relatives.
Watch now
GenealogyUsing MyHeritage's Unique Technologies & Learning Online with

Geoff RasmussenGet expert tips of Geoff's top 6 MyHeritage tools plus learn about now
GenealogyAn Overview of European Record Collections on MyHeritageMike MansfieldWith over three billion records from thousands of collections of European origin and its vibrant user community MyHeritage is an incredible resource for European research. This session will provide an overview of these collections and highlight how to best find, access, and utilize these sources.Watch now
GenealogyThe MyHeritage Mobile App: Exclusive Features
Guy TsypeYour mobile device can be used to expand your family history research like never before. From recording your family's story to sharing your discoveries, your mobile device has a wealth of tools that allow you to continue your research wherever you are.Watch now
DNAMyHeritage DNA 101

Ran SnirWhether you have already taken a DNA test or this is the first time you're hearing about it, in this session we will start from the very beginning. We'll go over the basic terms of DNA testing and learn how DNA is passed down through generations, how and why individuals have shared DNA segments and how we're able to estimate one's ethnicity origins.Watch now
DNAMyHeritage DNA: Advanced FeaturesRan SnirYour DNA results are ready and not sure where to begin? In this session, we'll review the different aspects of the MyHeritage DNA product, learn about useful tools to organize your list of DNA Matches, how to differentiate between them and understand how to better utilize the Chromosome Browser. To make things super-easy, we'll go through the product using real life examples and learn how we can use each tool to progress with the genealogical research.Watch now
DNASuccess Stories: How MyHeritage DNA Brings Families Together

Roi MandelDiscover how MyHeritage DNA brings biological families together through the DNA Quest program. Watch now
DNAThe Five Best MyHeritage DNA Tools
Diahan SouthardMyHeritage DNA is leading the industry in providing tools to help understand and interpret DNA test results. But with so many pages to view and buttons to push, it can get confusing. We will discuss the five best tools you can access at MyHeritage to help further your genealogical goals.Watch now
DNAPANEL: DNA, Genealogy, and Privacy

Roberta Estes, Thomas MacEntee, Yaniv ErlichHas concern for privacy prevented you from taking a DNA test? What about sharing your data online with strangers (even though you might be related)? We’ll take inventory of the current privacy and genealogy practices, look to future practices, and offer practical advice for hobbyists as well as professionals.Watch now
DNAWhy Take a DNA Test for Genealogy Research?Mike MansfieldDNA testing in genealogy is an important new tool for us to use in our research. This introductory session will detail the types of DNA tests available and the results a test taker can expect from ethnicity estimates to DNA matches and how we can use these to find relatives and discover unknown ancestors.Watch now
DNAGenetic Insights From a Huge Collaborative Family Tree
Yaniv ErlichYaniv Erlich explains how we can interpret information we gather from many families trees and their genetic implications.
Watch now
DNAMyHeritage’s Improved DNA Matching

Daphna WeissglasMyHeritage discovers your DNA matches, individuals with which you share DNA from a common ancestor. how are we able to detect that? How are we able to predict the degree of relationship given the amount of DNA shared? And how do we match your DNA against such a large genetic database? In this session will explain Myheritage DNA matching in great detail.
Watch now
DNATwo Ways to Approach Your MyHeritage DNA Match List

Diahan SouthardWhen you login to see your matches at MyHeritage DNA, your initial excitement at your sudden popularity (who knew you had thousands of DNA cousins?) is often quickly replaced by confusion as you try to figure out how you are all related. In this easy-to-understand 45 minutes you will learn two ways to turn your list of cousins into ancestral discoveries.Watch now
DNAHow to Find Unknown Family with MyHeritage DNA
Christina SagerstenHave you taken a DNA-test to find an unknown parent or grandparent? Or have a DNA-test discovered a big family secret, like dad not being dad? Which family members can you expect to find with a DNA-test? How can you find dad with a DNA-test with no clue on who he is? With personal examples from my own DNA-journey I´ll give you inspiration on what's possible and not.Watch now
DNAPANEL: What's Next for Genetic Genealogy?
Dick Eastman, Roberta Estes, Yaniv ErlichAaron Godfrey hosts a panel of DNA experts including Yaniv Erlich, Roberta Estes and Dick Eastman to discuss the current state of DNA and what the future will bring. Watch now

To read more about the conference, read our full recap of MyHeritage LIVE.



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  • Dan Danaher

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    Are there going to be further User Conferences in the future ?

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      December 16, 2018

      Hi Dan,

      We hope so. Stay tuned for updates!

      Best, Esther / MyHeritage Team

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    December 8, 2018

    Great work!

  • Karen’s Lumbr

    December 11, 2018

    How can I listen to one of the lectures

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      December 16, 2018

      Hi Karen,

      Just click on the links in the chart above, and you will be taken to a video player to watch the lectures.


      Esther / MyHeritage Team

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    I’ve heard from the elders in the family that the Gaddy’s lived around Northern Ireland.