MyHeritage DNA Helps Borussia Dortmund Discover “We Are All Blended”


We are excited to announce a new campaign, entitled “We Are All Blended,” with one of Europe’s hottest soccer teams, Borussia Dortmund (BVB). Four Borussia Dortmund players have already swabbed their cheeks and are about to discover their unique ethnicity “blends” as they await their MyHeritage DNA test results.

Here’s what the players think they’ll find out:

In addition to leading the Bundesliga (official German soccer league) and performing well in the UEFA Champions League, the team is well known for its values of equality, tolerance, anti-racism, and “soccer for all.” MyHeritage is proud to share and support these same values — it’s in our company’s DNA.

This past summer sparked a new interest in family history for both the BVB teammates and fans. Patrick Owomoyela — a former BVB player and local legend who joined BVB’s U.S. summer tour — was shocked to discover that he had Scandinavian roots. 

Patrick Owomoyela,
Patrick Owomoyela

He had always known about his Nigerian ethnicity (his father was from Nigeria) but never imagined that he is part Scandinavian. As Patrick embraces his unique ethnic “blend,” he is encouraging the four players to explore their own ethnic backgrounds and discover the ways in which “We Are All Blended.”

Four Borussia Dortmund players — Mario Götze, Maximilian Philipp, Julian Weigl, and Marwin Hitz — have accepted the challenge and are about to uncover their “blended” ethnic origins. Stay tuned for their startling DNA reveals!

From Left to Right, Mario Gotze, Maximillian Phillipe, Marwin Hitz and Julian Weigl swabbing their cheeks for MyHeritage DNA
From Left to Right, Mario Götze, Maximillian Phillip, Marwin Hitz and Julian Weigl swabbing their cheeks for MyHeritage DNA

Through a simple 2-minute cheek swab, MyHeritage DNA provides you with an Ethnicity Estimate, which is a percentage breakdown of the geographic regions your ancestors came from, from among our 42 supported ethnicities. MyHeritage DNA also helps you find relatives you never knew about through your shared DNA, which can help you learn more about your family and discover common ancestors.

Can you guess the ethnicities of the players? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Dave Morehead

    November 15, 2018

    Their heritage ? Probably the same as mine “A thorough Euro mutt ! “