Bill Uncovered a Half-Sister Using MyHeritage DNA

Bill Uncovered a Half-Sister Using MyHeritage DNA

Bill (William) Proctor was adopted only three months after he was born, in 1946. His adoptive parents told him that he was adopted, but he was never too interested in researching his roots — until his own daughter got older and started asking questions. Seeing as both Bill and their mother were adopted, she wanted to know more about her biological family history. Little did Bill know then that he would discover a half-sister, living not too far away!

Bill took the plunge and tested his DNA. He uploaded his DNA data to MyHeritage in November 2017.

The turning point

Not long after uploading his raw DNA data to MyHeritage, Bill got a match to a half-sister, Barbara Jones Harper (Green). Barbara had taken a MyHeritage DNA test in August 2017, but this was the first match of this kind that she had received. Bill tried to contact Barbara, to determine if the match was accurate, but was unsuccessful.

Bill contacted MyHeritage for some assistance. The MyHeritage research team helped to connect and introduce Bill and Barbara. The two spoke on the phone, and it was as if they had always known each other. It turns out that they had lived only 30 miles apart for years, and never knew each other existed.

Bill and Barbara filled in some of the missing pieces of their lives. They realized that they shared a mother. Barbara had never known that her mother gave up a baby, and it had completely taken her by surprise.

The reunion

Bill hosted Barabara in his home in Greenville, North Carolina for their first face to face meeting where the two realized that they have much more in common than just physical features.

About a week later, Bill remarked:

“Barbara and I had lunch last Saturday and this Saturday she and I are getting together with family at Parker’s BBQ. I am surprised by the connection I have to Barbara. It’s like I have known her all my life. Thank you for making our relationship happen.”


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  • Phillip Moon

    August 9, 2018

    I would like to have two test kits. One for me and one more for my wife. Thank you, Phil Moon.

    • E


      August 21, 2018

      Hi Phil,

      You can visit to purchase multiple kits. Let us know what you discover!


  • Vito F Sesto

    August 26, 2018

    My husband did his DNA o my heritage and his sons did theirs on ancestry is there a way to connect thevtwo