Pedigree View Now Available in Edit Mode


We recently released the long awaited and highly requested Pedigree View for online family trees, which was very well received by our users. This new view enables you to see a person in your family tree and their direct ancestors.

We initially released Pedigree View as read-only. We are happy to announce that you can now add, edit, and delete tree profiles directly from the Pedigree View. It is no longer necessary to switch to the Family View to edit your tree.

Pedigree View in edit mode (click to zoom)

Let’s dive in and see how editing in Pedigree View works.

The Details Panel

Click any person in your family tree, and the Details Panel will open on the left side of the screen, displaying information about the selected person.

The Details Panel (click to zoom)

If the Details Panel is closed, you can reopen it by clicking twice on a profile card in the family tree (the first click will center the individual in the tree, and the second click will open the Details Panel).

The Details Panel makes it easy to view, add and edit facts about a person without leaving the tree. It lists facts with dates and locations, and also photos and videos of the person.


Buttons on the Details Panel (click to zoom)

The Details Panel displays four buttons:

“Profile” opens the Profile page which shows all the information known about the individual, including biography, sources, citations, and more. The Profile page also displays all of the individual’s photos, videos, and documents.

“Edit” opens a page for editing the individual’s profile.

“Add” opens a menu for adding immediate family relatives of the individual, including parents, siblings, spouses, and children.

“More” gives access to additional functions such as editing the profile photo, adding or removing connections, or deleting the individual’s profile entirely.

Discoveries section (click to zoom)

The Discoveries section shows pending Smart Matches™ and Record Matches; allows you to view the individual’s DNA Matches, and gives you the option to search for records about this individual among the billions of records available in MyHeritage SuperSearch™.

Immediate Family section (click to zoom)

The Immediate Family section lists all close relatives of the individual, including those who are not shown in the Pedigree View such as siblings, spouses, and children.

Photos & Videos section (click to zoom)

The Photos & Videos section, which is new in this version of the Pedigree view, displays photos and videos that have been associated with this individual. Click the icon showing the camera with the “+” symbol to add new photos.

Facts section

The Facts section, which is also new in this version of the Pedigree View, lists all facts that you have entered about this person and allows you to add new facts or to edit or delete existing facts.

Adding People to the Tree

Easily add a parent to any person who does not already have one listed by clicking the “Add Father” or “Add Mother” cards on the tree. We fondly call them Add-Me cards. This is a quick way to add ancestors to the family tree.

“Add-Me” cards in the family tree

In addition to these Add-Me cards, you can also add other relatives using the “Add” button in the Details panel. Clicking it will open a drop-down menu for adding relatives of the individual such as parents, siblings, spouses, and children.

Adding relatives

Clicking any option, such as “Add Son”, will open a convenient window for adding the new person with basic information. Click “OK” when complete.

Adding a new person to the tree (click to zoom)

Editing Profiles

The easiest way to edit an individual’s details in the family tree is to move the mouse over their Person card in the tree, and click the pencil icon to open the Edit Profile page.

Editing information from the family tree

The Edit Profile page allows editing vital information about the individual such as name, birth and death details, as well as editing marriage information.

Edit Profile page (click to zoom)

To add more information not available in the Edit Profile page, click “Edit more” at the bottom of the window to reach the full profile editor. There you can add and edit all fields for that person, including biography, contact info, occupation, education, citations, sources, and more.

You can also use the Details Panel to edit information that appears there, for example to add, edit or delete facts, as explained below.

Adding Photos

A profile in your family tree that does not yet have a personal photo will be displayed with a silhouette in the tree. Click the camera icon underneath the silhouette to upload a personal photo.

Adding personal photo

To add more photos or videos to any person in the tree, click on the large button with the camera and the “+” symbol in the Photos & Videos section of the Details Panel.

Adding a photo from the Details Panel (click to zoom)

An overlay screen will appear. Here you can upload files using drag and drop or select them for upload from your computer.

Photo upload screen

Adding and Editing Facts

The Details Panel makes it easier to view, add, and edit facts (events) of a person without leaving the tree. It lists facts with dates and locations.

Adding a fact from the Details Panel (click to zoom)

To add a new fact about this person, click the “Add fact” button at the top of the list.

Adding a new fact (click to zoom)

Choose the fact type from the many options presented and click OK to open a window for adding the new fact.

Adding a birth fact (click to zoom)

You can edit each fact by moving the mouse over it and clicking the pencil icon.


Editing a fact (click to zoom)
Editing a residence fact (click to zoom)

A window for editing the fact will open. This page also provides the option to delete the fact.

Tree Settings

To customize the settings of the Pedigree View, click on the wheel icon in the top right corner.

Accessing tree settings (click to zoom)

You can make the Pedigree view your default view by selecting the top checkbox. You will only see this option when viewing your tree in the Pedigree View.

Default tree view (click to zoom)

Use the boxes below “Card display options” to include or remove the Add-Me cards for adding parents and the edit icon.

Display options (click to zoom)

“Name options” allows you to choose whether to display prefixes and suffixes in person cards. Some users prefer not to display these (e.g. “John Martin”) while others prefer to include them (e.g. “Prof. John Martin, Jr.”). Note: the Pedigree View shows females in the family tree with their maiden names.

Name options (click to zoom)

We improved the new and popular Pedigree View by adding the ability to add, edit, and delete profiles. With these additions, the Pedigree View is now complete. All this looks great on mobile devices as well. The editable Pedigree View will soon be available on our mobile app for iPhones and Android devices.

We hope you enjoy the Pedigree View and that it will be helpful in growing your family tree. If you have any special requests or suggestions, we’d be happy to hear them.

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  • Susan

    June 14, 2018

    Kuddos to MyHeritage! Always striving to assist us the very best that they can for our genealogy research and DNA results. MyHeritage is very customer satisfaction based. I’ve always been pleased and appreciate that they can be reached by phone as well.

  • Vance Renfroe

    June 14, 2018

    Thank you.

  • Paul LeClair

    June 14, 2018

    This is great news, thank you.

  • Carlos A. Garcia

    June 14, 2018

    Is wonderful.

  • Dr. Joseph S. Wozniak Th.D.

    June 14, 2018

    MyHeritage is really great, I have used, Family, and several others. Thay all fall short in comparison. My Heritage is much more inclusive. My congratulations to your team.

  • Sandi Caldwell

    June 14, 2018

    Absolutely, Positively LOVE the “Pedigree” View . . . Thank You ! ! !

  • Val Gamble

    June 15, 2018

    This sounds great.However some of the details such as special dates are coming up wrong and reminding me of birthdays and anniversaries that are incorrect.How do I correct these?

    • Marianne Melcherts

      June 19, 2018

      Hi Val. You simply hover over the persons card you wish to edit in the pedigree view. As a result you will see a pencil symbol, which is clickable. Here you can edit all details.

  • Dinah Morris

    June 15, 2018

    yes please! great to be able to edit out typos and general errors.

  • Keith Heck

    June 15, 2018

    Great! and the cost is?

  • Jill Penn

    June 15, 2018

    Thx. Just what I’ve been waiting for.

  • J-M

    June 16, 2018


  • Stella Cork

    June 16, 2018

    this appears to be a great step forward for those of us with “vague” family trees!

    I’m currently far too involved in writing my own personal life history to divert back to family tree but will hope to keep it smouldering away on my back burner!

  • Malcolm Dennis Cecil

    June 17, 2018


  • Charlotte

    June 22, 2018

    I am so happy to see that you have done this and I love all the data input that can be done by just clicking on the person and quickly bring up all it’s info, especially the research data listed with the person’s profile. Thanks

  • Joan

    June 22, 2018

    Thank you MyHeritage for this wonderful addition to the already awesome different ways to locate and view our Ancestors. This Pedigree editable addition will make it easier to edit, instead of having to go all the way back to the Family Tree Builder, if already in multiple windows deep. (I do this often.. 🙂 ).

    Thank Y’all for everything you do for the users!

  • Ron Frezzo

    June 22, 2018

    I haven’t used the site very much yet, but hope this will apply to my level of participation

  • Patrick

    June 27, 2018

    Excellent! I have had MyHeritage now for a couple of years and it just keeps getting better, recently finding a whole extended side of my family to confirm. With the Pedigree View I think it will make it easier to see the relationships as I build the story of the family as a legacy for our children and grand children. Both my wife and I are looking to self publish each of our families histories as they emigrated and served during the wars. I have met the MyHeritage founder at a couple of Genealogy Conventions, brilliant man, and looking forward to building on the DNA results shortly. Please keep up the great work adding digital documents because they are so fragile and so easily lost.

  • Jill Penn

    July 10, 2018

    Thx. Just what I wanted at last.

  • Jo c

    July 17, 2018

    I cannot find the pedigree view on my iPad?

    • Esther

      July 18, 2018

      The editable Pedigree View is not yet available on our mobile app for iPhones and Android devices, but it will be soon. Stay tuned.