Dianne and Graham, Half-Siblings Reunite in New South Wales

Dianne and Graham, Half-Siblings Reunite in New South Wales


Dianne (Di), 69, had been an avid genealogist since the age of 25. Back in October, Di had decided to take a MyHeritage DNA test along with her husband, who was adopted at birth, to support him in his search for his biological family. A few months after taking the test, Di was amazed to receive a message from a stranger — Graham — who said that he believed that he and Di were half-siblings!

Di and Graham started piecing together their family histories. They realized that in the 1940s, both of their parents had lived in Adelaide, Australia. Graham’s father was a renowned musician, who played at a dance hall called “The Palais”.

Di had heard many stories from her mother about how much she loved to dance at that very same hall as a young woman. After searching through old photos of her mom, she discovered one taken at The Palais. She sent it to Graham who immediately recognized his father standing next to Di’s mother.

The Palais in 1948, Di’s mom and Graham’s father are at the far left

Both Di and Graham were thrilled to finally meet. Di grew up an only child and was very excited to now have a brother. Graham explains that he grew up quite lonely, wishing he had had a sister.

Watch their emotional reunion here:

Graham shares: “There was just a connection immediately. She is lovely and we have a lot in common.” Di and Graham are now very close, speaking with and seeing each other often. They are immensely grateful for the opportunity to have found each other after so many years.

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