New: Easier navigation in your DNA Match list

New: Easier navigation in your DNA Match list

At MyHeritage our users’ feedback is extremely important to us. We do our best to listen to the community to provide the best possible family history research experience. Today we released two new features that were requested by our users at the RootsTech conference in Utah in February (thanks Judy Russell, and others!), to make navigating in the list of DNA Matches easier. Following major updates and improvements to our DNA Matching in January 2018, MyHeritage DNA users are receiving 10 times as many matches as before. It’s therefore only natural that there is now demand for easier ways to work with this information and make the most of it.

New: Jump to page

With this feature, you can manually enter the page number you would like to go to, in the list of DNA Matches. From now on, if you are interested in DNA Matches that appear beyond the first few pages of your massive DNA Match list, you don’t need to click through the pages one by one. Simply enter the page number you would like to jump to in the “Go to page” field and then press “Enter”.

New: Increase number of DNA Matches per page

By default, 10 DNA Matches appear on each page of your DNA Match list. To increase that number, you can now select “25” or “50” on the bottom right-hand corner of your DNA Match list, and 25 or 50 DNA Matches, respectively, will appear on each page.

Increasing the number per page makes it easier for power users to use the list, but pages will be slower to load.

Note, that you can also export the entire list of DNA Matches and review them externally, for example in a spreadsheet program. For more details, see our former blog post.

Fix: Distant relationship estimates

We’ve implemented a fix regarding the suggested relationship of DNA Matches that appear to be very distant, based on feedback from the community.

Previously, some DNA Matches with relatively little shared DNA used to be displayed as “3rd cousin – 5th cousin”. This was confusing, because some of these matches were indeed appropriate for this relationship range, while others were much more distant, i.e. having very low cM value for shared DNA. Now, the more distant matches are listed as “3rd cousin – distant cousin”, which is more correct because in reality they might even be your 6th or 7th cousins. Typically, many of these distant matches will be labeled as Medium Confidence or Low Confidence matches, which means that some of them may be false positives. This fix is retroactive and was also applied on existing matches. It’s an important fix because it will help you separate between matches who are likely 5th cousins of yours, and other matches that seem to be more distant than that.


We hope you enjoy these two shortcuts for navigating your DNA Match list more efficiently. If you aren’t enjoying yet our full suite of genetic genealogy tools, order your MyHeritage DNA kit today, or upload your DNA data from another service which is still free.


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  • Dave

    March 28, 2018

    A suggestion for the next item on your DNA offering capabilities:

    Adding the note as a field available to be downloaded.


    • Yael

      March 31, 2018

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your comment! Indeed, when you download your DNA Match list, the last column of the .csv file includes any notes you’ve associated with each DNA Match.

      All the best,


  • Dave

    April 4, 2018


    Thank you for responding. I had not seen that because I was looking at the Segments file. I was trying to look at that file and associate segments with countries of the matches. Adding a VLOOKUP in the Segment file back to the Match file seems to work.

  • TP

    Terry Palmer

    April 23, 2018

    Further DNA suggestions to make navigation and “Real Hit” selection easier:

    [1] “Sort by Confidence”

    [2] Include Drop-Down option to display only those matches with either > 500, 100, 50, 25 or 10 cM’s.

    kind regards

    • E


      April 24, 2018

      Hi Terry,
      Thanks for the suggestions!
      Best, MyHeritage Team

  • Lawrence Pearse

    April 24, 2018

    Another upgrade that I would like to have available is the ability for me to label a match as a specific numbered cousin or other relative such as aunt