Lonely Planet Staffers Plan Their Next Trip Based on MyHeritage DNA Results

Lonely Planet Staffers Plan Their Next Trip Based on MyHeritage DNA Results

Lonely Planet is the go-to content destination for travelers all over the world seeking to plan and design their next trip. Four Lonely Planet staffers took a MyHeritage DNA test to discover their roots and inspire their travels.

Destination Editor Megan Eaves-Egenes plans to visit Turkey and Iran, now knowing that one of her ancestors may have come from that part of the world.

After discovering that she’s 9.1% Iberian, Acting Features Editor Jessica Cole plans to tackle the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage walking route in Spain.

See the image below to learn more about their DNA results and where they plan to travel:

Lonely Planet Magazine, January 2018

Lonely Planet Magazine, January 2018

Do you plan to embark on a DNA journey? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Elizabeth M Dorland

    January 30, 2018

    Cool idea, but the staffers should spend time building their family trees as far back as possible before they go. Those ethnicity predictions may come from ancestors who are very far back, beyond where even a deep tree might take you. It’s a way to get you into REAL genealogy. 😉

  • Bronwyn Du Mesny Adams

    February 5, 2018

    Hi Team,its hard to find the email to contact you guys.My problem is my Great Grandfathers “Name”. “William Alfred Smith”-now according to your records there are approx 70,452,257 William Alfred Smith’s.
    Are you sure about that – 70 million, four hundred & fifty two thousand, two hundred & fifty two people who share the same name?

    My question is “How am I supposed to find the right one? By scrolling through 70 Million? How long will that take me ? How many hours in the chair in front of the computer?

    Is it not possible for your system to create a short-list of highly possibles or probables without me having to troll thru all the unlikelys & “absolutely not” connections.

    Or the wives listed alphabetically by the 1st Letter of their name. eg.All the Mays,Margarets,Mary’s, then Nellies,Nora’s & Norma’s.etc

    Or given all the relevant names & relationships just identify the right one & have it pop up at the top of the page.

    Or narrowed down to States of Australia-All the William Alfred Smith’s in NSW , Western Australia etc.

    The other problem I’ve found is having scrutinised every clue up to page 200 & not being able to save your search so that you don’t have to start back at the beginning every time you want to have another go at searching. Would be great if you could just get back in at page 201 the next time..

    Or even dates -narrow it down to all the William Alfred’s born in 1876 in Australia.

    Solutions to these issues would be fantastic. Many thanks, Bronwyn, du_mes_ad@hotmail.com