New: Ellis Island and other New York Passenger Lists

New: Ellis Island and other New York Passenger Lists

We’re happy to announce we’ve added Ellis Island and other New York Passenger Lists to SuperSearch™ with unique content which was never searchable before. This collection is a part of our more than 8.27 billion historical records. The collection, spanning 1820 – 1957, is of great significance for everyone looking to trace their immigrant ancestors’ arrival in America. The plethora of data provided in these 90 million records is expected to invigorate family histories, adding previously unknown stories of how family members uprooted their lives and replanted them in the United States.

Search the Ellis Island and Other New York Passenger Lists, 18201957 now.

These passenger lists are an unparalleled source of information spanning 138 years of immigration to the US from around the world. The records begin from before Ellis Island opened its doors on January 1, 1892. The first 72 years of the collection pre-date Ellis Island. Ellis Island remained open from 1892 until 1954, and this collection includes immigration records throughout this entire time period as well. As you get into the last years of the collection, the 1940s and 1950s, transportation methods advanced tremendously, and you can find records of immigrants who arrived via airplane to various airports in and around the city.

Previously, from 18551890, the primary immigration station was in New York City at Castle Garden. The Barge Office was used as an immigration station from April 19, 1890 – December 31, 1891, and again from June 15, 1897 – December 18, 1900. Both Castle Garden and the Barge Office were located in Lower Manhattan.

The image below shows the location of Castle Garden (left of center) and the Barge Office (right). Ellis Island and its main building, a mainly wooden structure, opened January 1, 1892, and burned to the ground on the night of June 14, 1897. The Barge Office again became the official immigration station until Ellis Island was rebuilt; it reopened on December 19, 1900.

Annie Moore, 15, from County Cork, Ireland, was the first to enter the Ellis Island immigration building on January 2, 1892. She received a $10 gold piece to commemorate her role in U.S. history. Below is a statue of her and her family.

Statue of Annie Moore, Photographer: Peter Craine

Statue of Annie Moore, Photographer: Peter Craine

Depending on the year, information recorded about a passenger may include name, age, gender, occupation, dates, destination, physical descriptions, and information regarding place of origin, e.g. native country, citizenship status, race, nationality, birthplace, or addresses of family members and friends. While early passenger lists were single-page manifests and recorded minimal information about passengers, forms were standardized over time and additional questions added.

In 1897, immigration officials began asking the arrivals for the name and address of the relative or friend whom they were joining in the USA and in 1907, they began asking for the name and address of their closest relative or friend in their home country. Importantly for researchers, the responses to these supplemental manifest questions, have now been indexed by MyHeritage for the first time, yielding an additional 26.6 million names to the Ellis Island and Other New York Passenger Lists collection on MyHeritage. These records have been digitized in the past by other organizations, but the answers to these vital supplemental questions have never been indexed — until now!

Many passenger manifests span two pages, and a common issue for genealogists has been to locate the first page and miss the second page. MyHeritage has solved this problem for the first time by stitching together the double pages into single document images, ensuring that users do not miss important information.

See an example of a stitched record below:

Ellis Island and other New York Passenger Lists, 1820–1957 – John Smith, MyHeritage SuperSearch.

Ellis Island and other New York Passenger Lists, 1820–1957 – John Smith, MyHeritage SuperSearch.

Many historical figures of interest are found among these records:

German-born theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, arrived on October 17, 1933, traveling aboard the WesternlandEinstein remained in the US after learning the Nazis had confiscated his possessions.

Ellis Island and other New York Passenger Lists, 1820<span style=–1957 – Albert Einstein, MyHeritage SuperSearch." width="1594" height="699" />

Ellis Island and other New York Passenger Lists, 18201957 – Albert Einstein, MyHeritage SuperSearch.

Charlie Chaplin was born in Great Britain in 1889. He was a comedian, actor, filmmaker, and composer who became famous during the silent film era and is considered to be one of the most iconic figures in cinematic history. He boarded the Oceanic, arriving at Ellis Island on October 10, 1912, at the age of 23.

Ellis Island and other New York Passenger Lists, 1820–1957 – Charles Chaplin, MyHeritage SuperSearch.

Ellis Island and other New York Passenger Lists, 1820–1957 – Charles Chaplin, MyHeritage SuperSearch.

Madeline Albright, born Marie Jana Korbelová, in Czechoslovakia in 1937, was the first woman to become US Secretary of State. She boarded the SS America, arriving at Ellis Island on November 11, 1948, with her mother, Anna, and two younger siblings.

Ellis Island and other New York Passenger Lists, 1820<span style=–1957 – Marie Jana Korbelová, MyHeritage SuperSearch." width="585" height="675" />

Ellis Island and other New York Passenger Lists, 18201957 – Marie Jana Korbelová, MyHeritage SuperSearch.

Users with family trees on MyHeritage or those who upload a GEDCOM file will immediately benefit from Record Matching technology that automatically reveals new information about their ancestors who appear in these records.

Searching the Ellis Island and New York Passenger Lists collection is free. A subscription is required to view records and scanned images, and to access Record Matches.

This collection on MyHeritage is the most complete and useful of its kind. Ellis Island and Other New York Passenger Lists are a major asset for family history researchers with ancestors who immigrated to the US during that time.

We’re working to add additional immigration records into the collection from other port cities from around the United States, as well as several important Canadian border crossings, in the near future.



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  • Barbara Ann Drager

    November 15, 2017

    I hope I can put together my family history. Thank you

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    November 29, 2017

    Found my Grandmother’s entry – twice! Once in 1946 and once in 1947. She returned to England in October 1946 before emigrating in 1947 to California – I didn’t know that. She arrived without $50 and all her possessions were stolen at Ellis Island. She did end up in California and died there at the age of 92. Her husband is still alive and living in California today aged 99!

  • Thomas Pierce

    November 30, 2017

    Trying to locate information for Feebacks that located in Kentucky.

  • Marc Robert Nelson

    November 30, 2017

    My grandpa an ma came from there

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    November 30, 2017

    Found my newly-wed mom in 1948, and then with my older brother and sister, in 1954. Better resolution images than found elsewhere, too. Thank you!

  • GB

    Gerald Bailey

    November 30, 2017

    Thank you very much as I have looked for a list on when my family got to the USA.


    November 30, 2017

    My Grandfather Emil C Gradert came to Ellis Island in 1894 from Hamburg Germany by himself at age 14.

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    What an exciting new update

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    I really enjoy seeing the ancestors of my past. I would really like to see the other side of my ancestors, the Laurila, Toikenen side please.
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      Hi Margaret! Read this guide on how to download your raw DNA data file from MyHeritage:

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    November 30, 2017

    I can’t wait to find out about my husband’s relatives from England and Ireland who came to NY in the 1800’s. This new resource sounds very promising.

  • Margaret J Baldwin

    December 1, 2017

    This addition to the records is wonderful news. Although I haven’t got that far in my family’s history it is exciting to know of these aids that are now available to open many new doors.

  • Bonnie

    December 1, 2017

    I have seen the page with my fathers name but he arrived with two others. One was his grandmother. It would be nice to see all their names on the manifest. There is so much I do not know about my fathers family. He never discussed them and so I have may blank or unanswered questions.

  • Margaret Elsbeth Jones

    December 2, 2017

    I do not know when my Welsh Grandparents left to go to America, and the new information you have supplied gives me confidence to try and track their arrival in America. Previously that has been in the too hard basket.
    I don’t know from where they left to go, and that is a bit daunting too.
    I’m excited by the prospect of new discoveries about them, all the people I know who knew them have died.
    Thank you. Margaret Elsbeth Jones.

  • Michelle Dunn ( Posalski )

    December 3, 2017

    My family migrated from Europe inthe late 40s/ early 50s. Would love to know more about my background. I am not even sure of my grandparents background. Father, Leon David Posalski, from Cherchow, Poland.mother, Martha Katz from Frankfurt, Germany .

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    How can I obtain records of my great grandfather when all that I have is two bills of sale and addresses from the 1880’s?

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    December 3, 2017

    My grandparents emigrated from Russia,at least one did, met on New York and married. Their first child was born 7/8/1910,so they had to have arrived prior to that date.

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    December 4, 2017

    Is there a Passenger list of a ship arriving in Halifax around 1907-1927 from the West Indies?

  • Raymond L Hook

    December 4, 2017

    My mother and her two siblings traveled by ferry boat from Fredericia, Demmark to Glasgow, Scotland (I think) about 1910. They traveled from Scotland in steerage on a tramp steamer to Ellis Island around 1910. I hope to find the the name and manifest of the that steamer…..what a thrill that would be. I only have their names and approximate date of their departure from Scotland. I ‘m 79 and hope I can find the
    information before I die.

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      Hello Jeannine, To learn more about our site memberships, please look at our Help Center here:

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    My parents immigrated to Canada from Germany and I have always wanted to know all the details and find my relatives, this would be the way to do that.

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