Good Morning America Features MyHeritage DNA Reunion Live on Air!


We’re very happy to share this emotional and exciting reunion between a daughter and her birth mother who met for the first time today live on Good Morning America, thanks to MyHeritage DNA.

Angie was a teenage mother and placed her daughter Meribeth for adoption in 1986. She never got to hold Meribeth in her arms after she gave birth to her, and she always hoped that she was adopted by a loving family.

Meribeth (left) and Angie (right)

At the age of 6, Meribeth was told that she was adopted and she had many unanswered questions.

“It’s hard because I love my adoptive parents so much, but at the same time I just wondered where I belong.”

She turned to the Facebook group DNA Detectives and was advised to try DNA testing. She took a DNA test and got a match that changed her life — she’d found her birth mother, Angie! For 30 years, they had both wondered about one another and now, thanks to MyHeritage DNA, Meribeth and Angie were finally reunited!

Watch Meribeth and Angie meet for the first time on Good Morning America:

You can read more about this story on Good Morning America’s website. We’re so proud to have been able to make this reunion happen.

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