New Feature: Search historical records by location


We’ve added an exciting new feature to SuperSearch that makes it even easier and faster to browse and search historical records by geographic location.

SuperSearch contains billions of global historical records and tree profiles from different data collections. The records come from various countries and various regions within those countries.

Searching for your ancestors is now even easier, as you search for data by geographic locations. This provides results relevant to only that specific location,  helpful when you are looking for a person from a specific place.

New! Search by location

Each location on in the map is clickable:

Click on a location to select

Locations are further subdivided into sub-locations. Once you select a location,  see all the sub-locations. Choose one, or choose to search all:

Options of sub-locations in Europe

Once you begin the search, see a list of all collections relevant for that location:

Collections that are relevant for Texas

Use the easy-to-follow path of links to return to each previous page:

Search page showing path of links back to previous pages

Search in all collections for that location, or choose to search in a specific collection:

SuperSearch results for John Smith in the Texas Birth records collection

This new addition to SuperSearch makes searching even easier through international content. This is another step towards improving the experience of researching your family history. We’re always expanding the data collections included in SuperSearch, especially global content useful for family research in your country!

Start searching by location today. Let us know what you discover!

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  • Bernita

    January 3, 2014

    Excited to try it!