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MyHeritage Announces Major Collaboration with 23andMe

We're excited to announce today an important new collaboration and product integration between MyHeritage and leading personal genetics company 23andMe.

23andMe pioneered autosomal DNA analysis which can find relatives across all ancestral lines, and have built the largest autosomal DNA ancestry service in the world. 23andMe helps people access and benefit from the human genome, offering them a deeper understanding of how their genes relate to their ancestry.

DNA analysis can provide new information about your ancestors and your geographic and ethnic origins. It can also connect you with unknown relatives descending from common ancestors who lived centuries ago, who you may not have discovered otherwise.

MyHeritage's 5.5 billion global historical records, 1.5 billion family tree profiles in 27 million family trees and innovative matching technologies, combined with 23andMe's DNA analysis, will provide users with an integrated and enhanced experience to uncover their family history. Combining documented genealogy - family trees, family stories and family memories - with DNA-based ancestry is the next evolution in family history research. While DNA testing can find relatives from shared ancestors, it's the family trees and historical records that are critical to fully map and understand these connections.

Watch the announcement made live on Bloomberg TV earlier today, in an interview with MyHeritage's Founder & CEO, Gilad Japhet, below:

23andMe will provide its 750,000+ customers special access to MyHeritage’s family tree tools and matching technologies directly from its website. Eventually they will replace 23andMe's own family tree editor. 23andMe’s customers will enjoy automated family history discoveries by MyHeritage such as Smart Matches™ and Record Matches, bringing them significant new opportunities to grow their family trees and to enrich their family history. This will be directly beneficial to all users of MyHeritage as well.

MyHeritage users will be able to purchase 23andMe's Personal Genome Service® in addition to the DNA tests already offered by MyHeritage that are powered by MyHeritage's other DNA partner, Family Tree DNA. The product integration that is planned between MyHeritage and 23andMe will take this a step further by allowing the use of DNA to prove or disprove matches found by MyHeritage; and the use of MyHeritage trees, records and matching to attempt to map better connections found by DNA.

The 23andMe Personal Genome Service® is a comprehensive genetic scan that analyzes saliva samples, enabling users to gain deeper insights into their genetics and ancestry.

MyHeritage and 23andMe plan to have the first phase of integration completed by early 2015.

We hope you will be one of the many people who will benefit from this new collaboration.

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  1. I hope this turns out as well as it promises.
  2. Seems like a good move on face value
  3. Keep me posted since I am 23andMe participant.
  4. Since I use both already this has the potential to big for me. Very few use the current 23andme tree. Fingers crossed for a good outcome.
  5. I have been a member of 23 and me for several years now. It has turned out to be one of the most fasinating and fun experiances ever. The things that I have learned as part of my family search have been ammazing.
  6. WONDERFUL, I am a 23andme customer, highly recommend thier DNA test process, but the match with the tree build has been very difficult. I was praying that a merge with a great family history resource would help them with the progess of helping match family trees. It is difficult to match up if you don't see a commom ancestery. Excited and looking for2ard to the change, hoping we can down load a Ged file to the 23andchange me tree. THANKS
  7. This sounds good. My DNA is being processed at 23andMe right now. I will be looking forward to this being a big help in finding ancestral information.
  8. I have thought about chromosomal comparison for years - it would be great to know from where one's ancestors originated - but am hesitant because of the possible abuse of the system, i.e., the information being hacked and falling into the wrong hands, law enforcement organizations subpoena inquiries, etc ... once one does this his life could be affected forever ...
  9. I hope it can deliver without error. Exciting.
  10. It will be necessary to use a technology which COMBINE DNA results and heritage. Some of people are giving ancestors of adopted parents. The technology must run combination on DNA and not not on papers. We know how huge falsification of papers bin and is.
    DNA must give the key to discover falsification of succession rights and rebuild the truth.
  11. Good to hear this. The family tree program on 23andme is difficult to use.
  12. I have been a 23andme participant for several years. It is very interesting but haven't done much with the information. I am looking forward to having the DNA information integrated with that from myheritge. Appears to have a lot of potential.
  13. Currently researching options, this looks as though it has great potential. Shal watch with eager anticipation.
  14. Sounds like something I would interested in finding more about. Is it possible to save the saliva. I mean gather it now and save it until the is up and running?
  15. I have participated in 23andme for the last three years and have made more interesting connections than you could ever had imagined. Good for My Heritage I look forward to their collaboration
  16. Great news!
  17. Sounds good, anxious to hear more. Have always been interested in my heritage, since both my parents are from the UK, I am slowly learning more as my research continues. Thanks for your help.
  18. I am interested in genetic testing, 23 and me could be what I am looking for
  19. Need to supply a new category of DNA fragment matches on which chromosome so you can follow which chromosome through the tree for your relatives.
  20. I hope it work like they're predicting. The family trees on 23 and Me are terrible. I also subscribe to My Heritage. If it works like they are trying to say , it would be terrific and we'd be able to really increase our trees. The constant match hints from My Heritage can be overwhelming at times so hopefully, this will solve both problems.

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