Genealogy Basics

Genealogy Basics Chapter 4: Using Photos to Discover More About Your Ancestors

If you’ve found old photos of your family members, you’ve struck genealogy gold. There’s nothing quite like looking into the eyes of an ancestor.  In the previous chapter of our...

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Genealogy Basics Chapter 3: Discovering Historical Records

This is the third post in our Genealogy Basics series, in which MyHeritage walks you step-by-step through building your family tree. As we discussed in chapter 1, the first...

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Genealogy Basics Chapter 2: Build a family tree in six steps

The story of your family tree spans centuries and continents. Each family member is their own world, with a lifetime of stories, lessons, and conclusions. With so much information...

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Genealogy Basics Chapter 1: How to Interview Relatives

If you’re setting out to learn more about your family’s roots, there’s no doubt that the journey will be incredibly rewarding. Knowing more about who your ancestors were helps...

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