Limited Time Only: Improve Your Photos for FREE

Limited Time Only: Improve Your Photos for FREE

As the #1 destination for working with historical photos, we at MyHeritage are constantly upgrading the tools we offer for improving your photos. Most recently, we just released a new, improved model for color restoration, the feature within MyHeritage In Color™ that restores the hues in faded color photos.

To mark the occasion, we’re offering FREE and unlimited use of MyHeritage In Color™, Photo Enhancer, and Photo Repair, from today, January 24 to February 5, 2022! 

Improve your photos

MyHeritage’s photo features give you the opportunity to reminisce and create a deeper connection to your family history.

  • Photo Repair: fixes scratches and creases in photos
  • MyHeritage In Color™: colorizes black and white photos and restores colors in faded color photos
  • Photo Enhancer: brings blurry faces into sharp focus

Usually, you can improve a limited number of photos for free, with unlimited access granted only to paying subscribers. During this limited-time offer, however, you will be able to repair, colorize, and enhance as many photos as you like even without a paid plan.

How to use Photo Repair, MyHeritage In Color™, and the Photo Enhancer

To get started, you can visit either the MyHeritage In Color™ or Photo Enhancer landing pages and upload your photo. Colorization and enhancement take just a few moments once your photo has been uploaded. After you’ve colorized a photo using MyHeritage In Color™, you’ll be given an option to enhance it with the Photo Enhancer, and vice versa.

Alternatively, you can sign in to your MyHeritage account and either upload new photos or improve existing photos in the Photos section. Just click the photo you wish to improve and click the buttons that appear on the top right corner. Photo Repair is currently only available from the photo page.

You can find more details and instructions on using the MyHeritage photo tools in this article from our Knowledge Base: MyHeritage Photo Features: What They Are & How to Use Them

Don’t miss this chance to breathe new life into your old family photos! This offer ends on February 5, 2022, so go ahead and improve your photos now.

Improve your photos


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