Fantastic Response to MyHeritage’s New Genetic Groups

Fantastic Response to MyHeritage’s New Genetic Groups

Three weeks ago, we announced exciting news — the release of Genetic Groups. This long-awaited enhancement to MyHeritage DNA ethnicity estimates identifies ancestral origins with an incredibly high resolution of 2,114 geographic regions. It was one of the major features released in 2020, and the product of three years of work by our teams.

Since the release, response from the genealogy community and MyHeritage DNA users around the world has been pouring in, and the positive feedback speaks for itself.

Here are some of the reactions and testimonies we’ve seen in social media:



MyHeritage absolutely NAILED IT with my Dutch ancestry, identifying a small Province in the Netherlands, Friesland, only about 20 miles by 20 miles. How is that even possible???

Your DNA Guide

I think you will agree that all that waiting has paid off…

This process has worked fantastically for me… MyHeritage was able to find my connection to my mom’s biological family… They lived in Odessa, Ukraine, right on the Black Sea. Guys, it is almost magical to see this very, very specific place show up on my DNA test results. I have not seen this at any other company.

Genealogy’s Star

This is a major step for DNA testing and moves these tools from the area of telling you what you already know into the realm of what you did not know previously.

Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter

MyHeritage’s Genetic Groups can display your family’s genetic history in visual images that are much more detailed than anything else I have seen previously.

Data Mining DNA

My assessment is that MyHeritage has significantly increased the insights offered to people with European heritage. I’m impressed with how my main genetic group pinpoints my Irish ancestry to a small area in a small country. This group aligns with my known family tree. My two other groups are intriguing, and a jump-off point for more research.

More reactions appeared on The Genealogy Guys Blog,, GeneaMusings, Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections, and other blogs.




MyHeritage Blog Comments

The blog post announcing Genetic Groups garnered many positive comments:


We’re glad that our users appreciate the Genetic Groups feature and we look forward to improving the percentages of the top-level ethnicity estimates.

If you’ve taken a MyHeritage DNA test or uploaded DNA data from another service, we invite you to check out your Genetic Groups and explore new insights about your family history.


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  • W


    January 14, 2021

    Great post! How long until the new ethnicity estimates go live? Can’t wait!

    • E


      January 17, 2021

      It’s in the works for 2021! Stay tuned!

  • Anna

    January 19, 2021

    Looking forward to what this has to bring. Exciting.

  • Marj Fox

    January 21, 2021

    I’m the only blonde, blue-eyed one in my family and for many of my younger years, my father called me Dutchy!
    Now, thanks to the new genetic groupings, I discover that I actually have Dutch ancestry.
    Wish my father was still alive so I could show him.
    Thanks myHeritage.

  • Charles Garrick

    January 27, 2021

    I am amazed, amused, puzzled and tickled to find a Andean and Amazonian connection here, though I have very reliably traced all of my lines back to Europe, whether three or six generations. A North American indigenous connection I could understand, but a sixth generation Meso- or South American one? Wow!