Watch It on Replay: Access the MyHeritage Facebook LIVES of 2020

Watch It on Replay: Access the MyHeritage Facebook LIVES of 2020

While 2020 challenged all of us in many ways, at MyHeritage it also presented us with new opportunities to get creative. One of the highlights has been an extensive calendar of virtual events. Every week since March, we’ve had the opportunity to get together and explore fascinating topics in genealogy, DNA, and all things MyHeritage-related from world-renowned experts. The Facebook Lives have connected users from all over the world and continue to remind us how strong a community we are and that our love and appreciation for family history can help us get through anything.

We will of course be continuing our LIVE programming in 2021 on the MyHeritage Facebook page, and are happy to share a list of all the Facebook Lives from 2020 that you can reference and watch on-demand in one click.


DateSpeakerPresentationLink to Play
March 23Ran SnirAsk Me Anything Session with Senior Product Manager of MyHeritage DNA, Ran SnirPlay now
March 26Daniel HorowitzAsk Me Anything Session on Family History with Expert Genealogist Daniel HorowitzPlay now
April 2Chris DarringtonHow to Get Started on MyHeritagePlay now
April 7Paul WoodburyInterpreting Your DNA Test ResultsPlay now
April 13Thomas MacEnteeUsing City Directories: Top TricksPlay now
April 16Daniel HorowitzA Guide Through the MyHeritage Knowledge Base
with Daniel Horowitz
Play now
April 21Mike MansfieldScandinavian Records on MyHeritagePlay now
April 23Dick EastmanMastering the MyHeritage Consistency Checker with Dick EastmanPlay now
April 27Roberta EstesTop Tips for Triangulating your MyHeritage DNA MatchesPlay now
April 30Dana DrutmanMyHeritage Yearbook Collection and Our New Colorization ToolPlay now
May 4Shahar BittonTribal Quest: Family History Lessons from Remote TribesPlay now
May 6Shenley PuterbaughGet Inspired with Family History: A Class for Children and AdultsPlay now
May 11Mike MansfieldA Vast and Virtual Genealogical Library is Waiting for Your ExplorationPlay now
May 13Ofer KarpIntro to MyHeritage DNA HealthPlay now
May 18James TannerJumpstart your Family Tree with Instant DiscoveriesPlay now
May 20Thomas MacEnteeSearching Military Records on MyHeritagePlay now
May 24Kate EakmanBreaking Through Brick Walls with Military RecordsPlay now
May 27Lisa Lisson5 Genealogical Resources You May Have Missed With Lisa LissonPlay now
June 1Schelly and DanielLaunch Party for the June Free Records CampiagnPlay now
June 3Lisa Louise CookeFabulous Photo Discoveries at MyHeritagePlay now
June 8Uri GonenAn Inside Look at the Theory of Family Relativity™Play now
June 10Schelly Talalay DardashtiOverview of the Ellis Island and New York Passenger List CollectionPlay now
June 17Dick EastmanResearch methods and sources and citationsPlay now
June 22Thomas MacEnteeHiding Out in the Open: Discovering LGBT Family HistoryPlay now
June 24Roberta EstesDNA Q&APlay now
June 28Carol Kostakos Petranek and Gregory Kontos
Overview of the Greek Historical Record CollectionsPlay now
June 29James TannerDeciphering Old Handwriting: 10 things you need to knowPlay now
July 1John ReidCanada's Top Resources on MyHeritagePlay now
July 6Daniel HorowitzGenealogy Q&APlay now
July 8Maureen TaylorNew Ways to See Your Photo Clues on MyHeritagePlay now
July 13Michelle ChubenkoDiving Into Eastern European Historical Records on MyHeritagePlay now
July 15Christine Pennell and Kim HaelenThe Missing Piece: The Story of Two Sisters, Reunited Thanks to MyHeritage DNAPlay now
July 20Bernice BennettWithout A Hint: There is No StoryPlay now
July 22Melissa BarkerPreserving Old Family LettersPlay now
July 27Diahan SouthardDNA Q&APlay now
July 29Kitty CooperFinding family with DNA at MyHeritage  Play now
August 5Daniel Horowitzintroducing the New and Improved Search Engine InterfacePlay now
August 10Shauna HicksAustralian resources in MyHeritagePlay now
August 12James TannerDeveloping Your Own Research PlanPlay now
August 17Thomas MacenteeUsing MyHeritage Photo Tools to Create Family KeepsakesPlay now
August 19Lisa AlzoTrace Your Immigrant Ancestors with MyHeritage Play Part I now

Play Part 2 now

August 26Joshua TaylorPaper Files and Digital Files: Ideas on Organizing Your Family History Play now

September 2Delbert RitchhartTips on Using Key Search Features of MyHeritage Play now
September 7
Lisa LissonDiscover Unexpected Clues in Old Family Photos Play now
September 9Diahan SouthardDNA Q&A Play now
September 14Nicole DyerEssential Habits for Becoming a Better Genealogist Play now
September 16Melissa BarkerSchool Days and Your Ancestors: Researching in School Records Play now
September 21Thomas MacEnteeYou Use WHAT For Your Genealogy Play now
September 23Caroline GurneyHints and Tips for British Research Using MyHeritage Play now
September 30Uri GonenWorking with Different Family Tree Views on MyHeritage Play now
October 5James TannerWere Your Ancestors Passengers on the Mayflower? Play now
October 7Lisa Louise CookeLisa Louise Cooke Instagram LIVE Play now
October 12Shauna HicksDiving Deeper into Australian Records with MyHeritage Play now
October 13Mike MansfieldIntroducing the New Norway Church Records, 1815-1938 Play now
October 14Marissa GardnerPassenger Lists: A Gateway to Foreign Lands and a Former Life Play now
October 21Roberta EstesHow to Use Autoclusters to Analyze Your Dna Matches Play now
October 28Thomas MacEnteeScantacular! Best Family Photo Scanning Tips LIVE and IN ACTION! Play now
November 2Daniel HorowitzUnlocking Death, Burial, Cemetery and Obituary Records Play now
November 4Dick EastmanDocumenting Source Citations Play now
November 9Thomas MacEnteeInstagram LIVE: 10 Tips for Using Military Records Play now
November 11James TannerMarching Ahead With Military Records Play now
November 16Aaron Berk from SupportYour Most Frequently Asked Technical Support Questions Play now
November 18Maureen TaylorStrategies to Get Past Overwhelm and Enjoy Your Photographs Play now
November 23Kitty CooperA Guide Through the Theory of Family Relativity™ Play now
November 25Debra RenardDNA Methodology for Unknown Parentage Research Play now
November 30Libby CopelandWhy Genealogy and the Truths It Reveals Are More Important Than Ever Play now
December 2Daniel HorowitzGenealogy Q&A Play now
December 7Richard HillDNA Testing for Adoptees Play now
December 9Melissa BarkerDragging Genealogy Information Out of Your Family Members Play Part 1 now

Play Part 2 now
December 14Thomas MacEnteeExpanding your Family Circle on MyHeritage Play now
December 16Gena Philibert-OrtegaFinding Her Voice: 3 Steps for Researching Female Ancestors Play now
December 21Maureen TaylorInstagram Live: Suitable for Mailing: Photo Postcards in the Family Play now
December 23James TannerExploring the MyHeritage Record Collections: The Outstanding and the Unusual Play now
December 28Shenley PuterbaughMoving into the New Year with Fun Family History Activities for Kids Play now

December 30

Roberta Estes, Diahan Southard, Maureen Taylor, Lisa Louise Cooke, Thomas MacEntee, James Tanner, & Daniel Horowitz End of the year special!Scheduled for tomorrow

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