MyHeritage Online Events for November 

MyHeritage Online Events for November 

This year has seen many ups and downs, plans changed and rescheduled, and goals postponed or canceled, but there are some goals that are still within our reach. There is still time to make sure that you meet your family history goals for 2020, and we’re going to help you get there. 

With multiple online sessions offered by MyHeritage each week, you can learn about a wide range of topics, from MyHeritage tools and features to research methods, historical records, and hints and tips from MyHeritage employees and industry experts in genealogy and DNA testing. 

Even if you can’t make it to the live events, you can still enjoy all recorded Facebook Live sessions in the Videos section of the MyHeritage Facebook page, and many of the Ask the Expert sessions are later made available for free viewing on the MyHeritage Knowledge Base.

Note that most times are listed in Eastern Time Zone. Please use a time zone converter to find the correct time in your location. 

Want to learn about something not yet covered in one of our online sessions? Leave us a comment below to let us know. 


Facebook Live Sessions

No advance registration is required for these sessions: you can join them straight from our Facebook page. Simply visit the page when the session is scheduled to start, and look out for the live video broadcast at the top of the feed. You’ll be able to ask questions in the comments, and the speakers will respond to them live.

November 2, 2 P.M. EST

Topic: Unlocking Death, Burial, Cemetery and Obituary Records

Speaker: Daniel Horowitz

Description: Genealogy expert Daniel Horowitz will guide you through death, burial, cemetery, and obituary records, which are key resources for family history information and will be available for free on MyHeritage from October 29-November 2. 

November 4, 2 P.M. EST

Topic: Documenting Source Citations

Speaker: Dick Eastman

Description: Celebrated genealogist Dick Eastman will give you valuable tips and information on how to properly list sources and citations on MyHeritage. 

November 11, 2 P.M. EST

Topic: Marching Ahead With Military Records

Speaker: James Tanner

Description: In honor of Veteran’s Day, join seasoned genealogist James Tanner in a Facebook Live exploring military historical records on MyHeritage. 

November 16, 2 P.M. EST

Topic: Your Most Frequently Asked Technical Support Questions

Speaker: Aaron Berk

Description: Aaron Berk from the MyHeritage Technical Support Team will explore the most commonly asked support questions and how to solve them. 

November 18, 2 P.M. EST

Topic: Strategies to Get Past Overwhelm and Enjoy Your Photographs

Speaker: Maureen Taylor

Description: A gift of a box or more of photographs can be seen as such an overwhelming task that it’s easier to leave them for the next generation. Learn how to identify, preserve and organize your photos (and enjoy the task) with genealogist Maureen Taylor, also known as “The Photo Detective.”

November 23, 2 P.M. EST

Topic: Finding Family With DNA at MyHeritage

Speaker: Kitty Cooper

Description: Join genealogy and DNA rockstar Kitty Cooper as she talks about “Finding Family with DNA at MyHeritage” and then responds to questions.

November 25, 2 P.M. EST

Topic: DNA Methodology for Unknown Parentage Research

Speaker: Debra Renard

Description: Debra Renard, a research expert from Legacy Tree Genealogists, is especially passionate about helping those with unknown birth family find their roots. Join her in this session to learn about DNA methodology specifically for those cases.

Instagram Live

On November 9th, join us for a special Instagram Live with Thomas MacEntee from Genealogy Bargains, where he’ll share more tips for searching military records as well as some of the amazing military story submissions we’ve received so far from our #MyMilitaryHeritage contest, that is going on until November 30th. We will be announcing a bonus winner LIVE, so make sure to submit your entry as early as possible and join us by following the MyHeritage Instagram account.

November 9, 2 P.M. EST

Topic: 10 Tips for Using Military Records

Ask the Expert

The free Ask the Expert webinar series is hosted by our Genealogy Expert, Daniel Horowitz, and spans a wide variety of topics, from leveraging useful MyHeritage features to searching the historical record collections. To sign up to attend an Ask the Expert session, click on the registration link provided below.

November 5, 1 P.M. EST

Topic: Researching Your Ancestors with the MyHeritage Mobile App

Description: The MyHeritage historical record search engine has received a facelift on the mobile app as well as the website! Learn to take full advantage of the intuitive, convenient new interface when researching your ancestors on the MyHeritage mobile app.

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November 12, 1 P.M. EST

Topic: Make History Digital: Transcribing Tombstones on BillionGraves

Description: BillionGraves is a global platform that crowdsources digitized tombstone records. Learn how you can join this important project and help make family history more accessible to people all over the world.

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November 19, 1 P.M. EST

Topic: Pop Quiz: MyHeritage and General Genealogy Knowledge

Description: How much do you know about MyHeritage? Come play some trivia and win prizes with your knowledge of MyHeritage features.

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November 26, 1 P.M. EST

Topic: Analyzing Your Theories of Family Relativity™

Description: Theories of Family Relativity™ provide you with plausible theories about your relationships with your DNA Matches based on family trees and historical records. Learn to analyze, verify, and better understand your Theories of Family Relativity™.

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  • Stan Smith

    November 13, 2020

    I’m a MY Heritage member. I missed the November 11 presentation on military records.
    Was it recorded? Is there any way I can still see it?

    • E


      December 22, 2020

      Hi Stan,

      You can view all our Facebook lives at . Enjoy!

  • Barbara L Murray

    November 14, 2020

    Please present a discussion on researching slave records. Most African Americans have trouble tracing familie trees prior to 1851.