MyHeritage LIVE 2019 Lectures Now Online!

MyHeritage LIVE 2019 Lectures Now Online!

Our second annual user conference, MyHeritage LIVE 2019 in Amsterdam, was a huge success!

Here is a fun video featuring some highlights from the conference:

Below you’ll find a list of lectures from the conference which are now online. These sessions, given by world-renowned experts and valued MyHeritage staff, are now available on MyHeritage Education. If you missed the conference or the live stream, now’s your chance to take advantage of these fantastic recordings for free.

Enjoy watching them from the comfort of your own home, at any time, and at your own pace. We suggest taking notes!

Here is a list with a full description of each and links to watch them:

Name of LectureGiven byDescriptionLink
Opening Session: Keynote by MyHeritage Founder and CEO Gilad JaphetIn his keynote address at MyHeritage LIVE, MyHeritage Founder and CEO, Gilad Japhet, talks about recent MyHeritage achievements as well as upcoming features and projects. Watch now

What's New at MyHeritageMaya LernerMaya Lerner, VP of Product at MyHeritage, gives a summary of MyHeritage's new features and a look ahead at future plans.Watch now
GenealogyIntroducing the New Educational Resource Center for MyHeritage Users
Daniel HorowitzThis presentation will give you an inside look at MyHeritage Education, a new online resource center for enhancing your understanding of the MyHeritage platform.Watch now
GenealogySearching and Browsing on MyHeritage to Get the Most Out of Your ResearchCyndi IngleWith 10 billion historical records, MyHeritage is able to provide the most extensive genealogy searches available on the Internet. Learn how to use them efficiently to find new and relevant information to incorporate into your research.Watch now
GenealogyDiscovering Immigration Stories with MyHeritage Lisa AlzoEvery immigrant has a story. Learn how to leverage the immigration records collection at MyHeritage to uncover key clues and make amazing discoveries about your immigrant ancestors from both sides of the pond.Watch now
GenealogyUsing MyHeritage to Find Ancestors from the NetherlandsYvette HoitinkIf you have ancestors from the Netherlands, this talk introduces you to the most important records and shows you what you can find online, even if you don't know any Dutch. Learn how naming traditions and emigration patterns can help you find your Dutch ancestors.Watch now
GenealogyPANEL: Researching Dutch Family History Around the WorldMaarten Fornerod and Denie Kasan These experts give tips and advice on how to research your roots in Surinam and the former Dutch East Indies.Watch now
GenealogyEvaluating Your Smart Matches™ and Record Matches on MyHeritage James TannerSmart Matches™ and Record Matches on MyHeritage supercharge your research. Learn how to review and evaluate these automatically generated matches and effectively use them to advance your genealogical research goals.Watch now
GenealogyAn Overview of Western European Record Collections on MyHeritage
Mike MansfieldWith over three billion records from thousands of collections of European origin and a vibrant user community, MyHeritage is an incredible resource for European research. This session will provide an overview of these collections and highlight how to best find access and utilize these sources.Watch now
GenealogyUsing Geni and How it is Different from Other Genealogy Platforms
Mike StangelLearn more about the benefits of collaboration in a single-family tree, including adding sources to shared profiles, communicating with public discussions, understanding the revision history of profiles, and working with projects. Learn how Geni and MyHeritage work together to help improve the quality of the World Family Tree and connect you to new relatives.Watch now
GenealogyTop Technology Tips for MyHeritage Users & Introduction to Family Tree WebinarsGeoff RasmussenGet expert tips on using search engines and computer features to enhance your genealogy research, and learn about from Geoff Rasmussen.Watch now
GenealogyDeveloping Your Own Research Plan on MyHeritage James TannerMyHeritage provides an extremely valuable platform for conducting systematic and source-based research. A formal research plan can help you organize all the information presented in a coherent, useful way, and keep you moving towards your genealogical goals.Watch now
GenealogyUsing Census, Immigration, Newspaper, and Yearbook Records at MyHeritage to Explore the LIves of Your AncestorsLisa AlzoIn genealogy, cluster and collateral research is a key strategy for solving complex brick wall problems. Learn how to use census, immigration, newspaper, and yearbook records at MyHeritage to explore the lives of your ancestors and their inner circles.Watch now
DNAScience for the Non-Scientist: How Does MyHeritage Produce their DNA Results? Diahan SouthardDNA test results are a companion to our other research methods. A better understanding of how it all works will lead to better use of the tools for your family history research.Watch now
DNAWhat Exactly is a Centimorgan? An Introduction to the Science of DNA TestingRan SnirWhether you have already taken a DNA test or this is the first time you're hearing about it, in this session we will start from the very beginning. We'll go over the basic terms of DNA testing and learn how DNA is passed down through generations, how and why individuals have shared DNA segments and how we're able to estimate one's ethnicity origins.Watch now
DNAMapping Your DNA Matches on MyHeritageBlaine BettingerLearn about useful tools to organize your list of DNA Matches, how to differentiate between them, and how to better utilize each tool.Watch now
DNAUsing the Theory of Family Relativity™ to Research Your DNA MatchesRan SnirLearn about the revolutionary technology that saves you dozens of hours of research by synthesizing billions of data points to craft multiple theories about how you and your DNA Matches might be related.Watch now
DNAPANEL: The Future of DNA TestingRoberta Estes, Blaine Bettinger, Yaniv ErlichThis panel of DNA experts discusses the current state of DNA testing and what the future will bring.Watch now
DNAFormulating a DNA Testing PlanBlaine BettingerDNA testing can be expensive, but DNA evidence is a component of exhaustive research when it is available. Identify some of the ways you can minimize costs while maximizing results by formulating a DNA testing plan early in your research.Watch now
DNAWhy You Should Complement Your DNA Data with Genealogy ResearchDiahan SouthardBuilding a family tree is free and adds a lot of value to your DNA test. Learn how it can help improve the accuracy of relationship estimates, trace common ancestors to uncover how exactly you are related, increase the chances DNA Matches will contact you, help you identify the family members whose DNA results would contribute the most value to your research, and more.Watch now
DNAThe World Wide DNA WebAlon Diament CarmelAlon Diament Carmel, Ph.D., researcher for the MyHeritage science team, explains what we can learn from the vast web billions of DNA Matches about genetic groups and identity.Watch now
DNAIntroducing the MyHeritage DNA Health+Ancestry Test Yaniv ErlichDiscover how your genes affect your health and explore the valuable insights you can gain from this latest addition to our DNA product line. The MyHeritage DNA Health+Ancestry test gives you dozens of personalized health reports that explain your genetic risk for developing certain conditions, and tell you whether you're a carrier for hereditary conditions that can potentially be passed on to your children.Watch now
DNAPANEL: DNA Testing for HealthYaniv Erlich, Diahan Southard, Roberta EstesThis panel of DNA experts discusses the advantages of taking a Health DNA test to learn more about how your genes may affect your health and empower you for the future.Watch now

To learn more about the conference, read our full recap of MyHeritage LIVE



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