Starting Today: New DNA Upload Policy

Starting Today: New DNA Upload Policy

If you’ve done a DNA test before on another service, uploading your DNA data to MyHeritage can help you break down genealogical brick walls and uncover new relatives. Genetic genealogists call this “fishing in another pond” for DNA Matches, to benefit from the opportunity to be matched with the huge base of customers who have tested their DNA exclusively on MyHeritage. As we announced previously, starting today, December 16, 2018, users can upload their raw DNA data from other testing services for free, and they will still receive all DNA Matches for free, but unlocking extra features for uploaded DNA data will cost an extra fee.

If you have already uploaded your raw DNA data to MyHeritage from another testing service prior to December 16, 2018, you are grandfathered in and will continue to enjoy access to all of the extra DNA features (current and future) for free.

Upload your DNA data now

Below are the extra DNA features that you will benefit from when you “Unlock” an uploaded kit:

Here is a more detailed description of the DNA features and whether they will remain free, or whether the unlock fee will be required:

DNA FeatureDescriptionDNA uploads made BEFORE Dec 16, 2018DNA uploads made on or AFTER Dec 16, 2018MyHeritage DNA kits (non-uploads)
Receiving DNA MatchesMatches with other people who share DNA with you — your relatives through a common ancestor — in our huge database that is about twice the size of GEDmatch + Genesis combined.FREEFREEFREE
Exporting DNA MatchesExport a list of your DNA Matches.FREEFREEFREE
Contacting DNA MatchesContact your DNA Matches for collaboration. FREEFREEFREE
Shared ancestral surnamesA list of Common ancestral surnames for every DNA Match.FREEFREEFREE
Ethnicity EstimateA percentage breakdown of ethnic origins from 42 supported ethnicity regions.FREESubscription or Unlock FeeFREE
Chromosome BrowserA tool that maps chromosomes graphically and allows you to visualize the DNA segments shared by two sides of a DNA Match. FREESubscription or Unlock FeeFREE
Trees of DNA Matches View family trees and pedigree charts of your DNA Matches.FREESubscription or Unlock FeeSubscription
Shared DNA MatchesA list of the relatives shared in common between the two sides of a DNA Match. FREESubscription or Unlock FeeSubscription
Shared ancestral placesThe places shared in common by both sides of a DNA Match, where ancestral events such as births and deaths took place.FREESubscription or Unlock FeeSubscription
Theory of Family Relativity™Combines DNA data with information from your family tree profiles and the nearly 10 billion historical records to predict which family relationships are most likely. This calculation is completely automatic and shows up along with your DNA Match, potentially saving you hours and hours of research and hard work.FREESubscription or Unlock FeeSubscription
AutoClustersA compelling, easy-to-read visual chart that organizes your DNA matches into shared match clusters which likely descend from shared ancestors.FREESubscription or Unlock FeeSubscription

Clarification: a single fee unlocks all the features for a kit, there is no need to pay multiple times for the same kit.

How do I upload my DNA data?
Instructions for exporting your data from another service and uploading it to MyHeritage are provided on our DNA upload page. We support DNA files from Ancestry, Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder, 23andMe (all versions, including v5) and Living DNA.


We have good news for MyHeritage subscribers who already have a Premium, PremiumPlus or Complete Subscription – all of you do NOT have to pay anything to unlock the extra features for uploaded DNA kits. If you are not a subscriber yet and have multiple DNA kits to upload, consider upgrading your MyHeritage account to a subscription to take advantage of the extra DNA features for as many uploaded kits as you’d like at no additional cost; You will also benefit from the subscription itself, for example with Complete you’ll gain full access to the billions of historical records on MyHeritage and to many other power features.

For those without a subscription, MyHeritage will charge a one-time fee to unlock all the extra DNA features. This fee will be charged per uploaded kit. When you upload DNA data, you will not be charged automatically! Uploading DNA data remains free, and at any time later you can opt-in if you wish, unlock the extra features and make a payment manually.

The one-time fee to unlock the upload features is $29 USD.

If you haven’t tested your DNA at all yet, order your DNA kit today.


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  • Beverly Jones

    January 17, 2019

    I had my DNA done by Ancestery but have no idea how to upload it!

    • E


      January 22, 2019

      Hi Beverly,

      Please see for more information on how to upload your DNA results from other testing services.

      Esther / MyHeritage Team