A Tribute to Our Grandparents

A Tribute to Our Grandparents

Today marks Grandparents Day in the United States, a holiday created to pay tribute to grandparents and their unique and timeless place in our hearts.

Whether you had a Grandma or Grandpa, a Nono or a Nona, or any name from the endless list of nicknames for this wonderful relationship, their unconditional love, support, and smiles live forever in our memories.

In some cultures, grandparents live under the same roof as their adult children and grandchildren, often with a clear role in raising and caring for the children. They can be a second set of parents for grandchildren.

My grandparents watched us when our parents needed extra help, making our favorite dishes, and caring for us with love. When I was in elementary school, my grandparents would pick me up from school a few afternoons a week, and I would spend time at their house until my parents returned from work. We listened to their stories and spent time helping them with chores around their home. I can still remember the smell of the different rooms in their house, as I explored and ventured off into the unknown. It was familiar to me and yet new and exciting. I would discover new treasures with each visit. I remember picking raspberries off their bushes and eating them until we got sick. I can still taste my grandmother’s pea soup that she would make for my sisters and me.

Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to grow up with grandparents nearby. One of my grandfathers passed away just before I was born, and I never had the privilege of meeting him. However, I still feel as if I grew up with him, and know him well. Over the years, my mother has told us so many of his stories, jokes, and anecdotes, that I truly feel his memory lives on in each and every one of his descendants.

We still retain those tastes and smells, the advice, the recipes, the sayings and their memories in our minds and hearts, but it’s up to us to preserve all that for future generations. We have the opportunity to preserve the memories of our ancestors who provided us with so much love and support in our early years and to pass on their stories to our offspring.

What is your favorite memory of your grandparents? Share it with us in the comments below!


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  • marie

    September 10, 2017

    Never knew any of my grandparents. So sad. So glad my children remember three of theirs. My own father had died before my first child was born.