Family history around the world: A Finnish volunteer

Family history around the world: A Finnish volunteer

Born in Eastern Finland, with Finnish and Russian roots, Annikka began her family history journey in spring 2009 when she found a rough draft of a family tree her sister had written several decades earlier.

Excited to get started in family history research, she began searching for a way to digitally preserve her family tree, and came across MyHeritage’s Family Tree Builder, where she entered all the information from her sister’s tree.

As a genealogist, I like the ease, clarity and layout of Family Tree Builder.

After years of working on her family history, today, her family tree now has over 14,000 people!

When Annikka wanted to share her tree with other relatives, she noticed that there were some discrepancies in the Finnish translation. She contacted MyHeritage to offer to correct them herself and make the language more adaptable to the Finnish market. Five and a half years later, Annikka is still one of our dedicated Finnish volunteer translators.

Translating MyHeritage products is interesting. I become well familiar with the product, guides and tips which also aids and advances  my own family history research.

As part of the Finnish translation team, Annikka has translated text for products such as Family Tree Builder, the MyHeritage online family site, historical record collections and more.

I like translating everything, but the most challenging are the texts concerning agreements, the names of foreign offices, military terminology and some events in the history.

Annikka hopes to help others preserve their family memories in her native country.

It’s great to have a place where relatives can explore their family tree, share photos and get in contact with others.

If you’d like to join the translations team as a volunteer, send an email to to help even more families worldwide discover their heritage.


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  • james

    April 11, 2015

    cool very cool; I hope my tree grows at least partly like Annikas thank you for sharing