New Photo Uploading Experience


We’re excited to let you know that we’ve made it quicker and easier to add photos and videos to MyHeritage family sites! Whether you wish to add a few photos or hundreds in one go, you can drag and drop photos from anywhere on your computer and bring more color to your family tree.

You’ll encounter the following enhancements in your family site:

Uploading photos and videos to albums:

Wherever you are on your family site, you can use the drop down menu on the main toolbar to add photos and videos to your albums. Scroll over the Photos tab and select “Add photos & videos.”‘

Add photos and videos from the Photos tab (Click to zoom).

A black overlay will appear over the current page. You can drag & drop photos and videos (as well as documents and audio files) into the black overlay where it says “Drag photos & videos here.” Alternatively, you can click the blue button “Select files” and choose files from your computer.

Uploading photos and videos to albums (Click to zoom).
Click "Done" to complete the upload process (Click to zoom).

The photo upload technology is extremely fast. You can upload a very large number of files, and they will be uploaded concurrently with great speed and hardly any wait at all.

You can also import photos and videos from popular social networks (Facebook, Google+/Picasa and Flickr). To do so, use the icons on the bottom right corner of the upload page.

A progress bar will appear while each photo is uploaded. All uploads will be done in parallel, so this process will be completed super fast! Click “Done” to complete the process and save the uploaded photos, and return to wherever you were on the family site. Or click “Cancel” to abort the upload.

By default, the new photos will be uploaded into an album called “Family tree photos” that exists in every family site. If you want to change the destination album, you can select a different album at the top of the upload page, or create a new album by clicking the + button.

Uploading photos or videos to a family tree profile:

When working on your family tree on MyHeritage, using our new online tree editor, you can easily add photos to any person in the tree.

To do so, click the person, and the family tree card will open. Click the large + button to add new photos and videos.

Add photos to a family tree card (Click to zoom).

A new screen to upload files will appear. Files can be dragged and dropped or selected from your computer.

Uploading photos and videos for an individual (Click to zoom).

When uploading photos or videos directly from the family tree profile, they will automatically be associated with that individual. If the tree individual did not previously have a profile picture, the first photo uploaded will automatically become the profile photo for that person (this can be changed by going into that individual’s profile).

Photos and videos can now be added conveniently to any album, without navigating away from the page that you are currently visiting. Photos and videos can also be uploaded to family tree profiles and be automatically associated with the relevant individual.

The new photo upload system is very fast. Take advantage of it to upload all your historical photos. With intuitive photo uploading tools and robust photo management options, MyHeritage is an excellent place to preserve and share your family memories.


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  • William Scott

    August 12, 2014

    I will not be to long in trying out this Uploading as I have just found more family , but still have to sort them out

  • Jessie Hunter

    August 12, 2014

    This sounds so easy . Must try it.

  • Marilyn Chapman

    August 12, 2014

    This sounds good

  • David Moss

    August 14, 2014

    That sounds like a valuable addition to your great site. i will give it a trial run.

  • Linda jinks

    August 14, 2014

    Please Send info. on signing up for
    Your Webinar for Monday. Dealing with downloading
    Pictures to a family tree

  • Frank Keetch

    August 14, 2014

    It certainly sounds easier. Must try.