Facebook competition results: ‘I love genealogy because…’

Facebook competition results: ‘I love genealogy because…’

Don’t say we never give anything away at MyHeritage.com as this week’s Facebook competition has seen three of the best entries win a free premium account subscription.

We know everyone is keen to be part of the lucky three – who will now be enjoying fantastic features including enhanced Smart Matches™ and Timeline features – so we ought now to reveal the winners, judged by the MyHeritage team.

We asked all our Facebook fans to tell us just why they loved genealogy in the form, “I love genealogy because…”, we then waited and watched the entries flood in until we lost count completely.

We had entries that were both inspiring and heart-warming and others that were a little strange, even disturbing. After much careful deliberation though, we can reveal that the winning entries* from over 120 are as follows (Author in bold):

Linda Pentland
“I love genealogy because…I can put meat on the bones of the skeletons that are rattling about our cupboards!!”

Mitchelene Shaddix
“I love genealogy: because they were, I am. Without them, I would not be. So, just who are WE?”

Geno Wilhelm
“I love genealogy because… it defines that we are all human and that our precious time is limited. It urges the researcher to be a source by itself – setting a positive example, having a clean record, conserving the environment for future generations, being ambitious, to be someone the descendants would be proud of. It puts the focus of the probandus to be an information centre (by learning from our ancestors’ mistakes keeping records) and to continue this tradition, whether it be devoted diary and letter writing, tagging and writing comments on digital photos, documenting long lost graves, scanning and saving newspaper articles, etc. It is our assignment to gather, supply and sustain as much information as possible, before it fades away before our descendants could catch a glimpse of it. Bottom line: Our job is to make life (and research) easier for the future researchers of the next centuries to come – which is our own blood.”

We would like to thank you all for your excellent entries. Judging the entries was a difficult task and unfortunately we had to be ruthless in order to get down to the final three.

The MyHeritage Team.

*We will be contacting all three winners over the next 10 days. Please direct all enquiries to marketing@myheritage.com.


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  • rick hammon

    August 21, 2011

    its keeps in touch with who my paternal and maternal ancestors who they were and when they came to america.it also gave a me a new view on russia i feel more respect now my german/dutch ancestors maternal side was born or lived in this massive country i owe russia an apology for my negative views from years ago. i never hated any country,but now my heart has changed never again will i ever say any negative words towards any country in the world lets pray for world peace

  • Miss Ann Watts

    August 23, 2011

    I love genealogy because. It’s like a great thriller, suspense, mystery novel all rolled up in one. And working a great mystery puzzle.Justing wanting more and more of who are we? Were we come from? What we look like.