Whose Tree Goes Back the Furthest?

Whose Tree Goes Back the Furthest?

Many people claim to have distant family trees, going back to Charlemagne, Charles Martel, or even Adam and Eve. But while many of these may have some truth – and, statistically, most of us probably are related to Charlemagne in one way or another – many long trees ultimately rely on leaps of faith. Many old records are far more vague than birth certificates, and many of our high-climbing ancestors even falsified such links to try and prove their worth.

So how long is the longest tree that has a chance of standing up to scrutiny? It’s hard to say for sure, and there doesn’t seem to be agreement on a single case, but here are three of suggestions we’ve come up with. If you know of any other examples, drop us a message in the comments down below.

1. Confucius

Confucius is often claimed to have the longest-running documented family tree. The record of his lineage was in fact updated for the fifth time just two years ago, in a staggering 43,000-page set of books, detailing 83 generations.

One can even take a test to establish genetic linkage to Confucius in China, although how the DNA sample to confirm this was obtained has not been explained.

2. Roy Blackmore
Roy Blakmore is something of a legend within the genealogy world.

Over the course of three decades, and without the use of computers and the Internet, he pieced together one of the largest family trees the world has ever seen. His tree now numbers around 10,000, and goes back to William the Conqueror, Alred the Great, and the Cerdick family in AD 500. And all of this is through rigorous research and with supporting documents – Roy followed the paper trail the whole way.

3. Manfred Huchthausen
The final tree takes a slightly different format – but does go a long way back.

It came about not through chasing up documents and finding links to ancestors, but through genetic testing.

Some well-preserved skeletons, with calcium deposits forming a protective layer around them, were found in the Lichenstein Cave in Germany’s Lower Saxony, and were suitable for genetic testing. Scientists asked for local volunteers, to see if they could identify anyone with a strong match to their rare genetic signature. And so they did, in the form of Manfred Huchthausen, and another local resident, Uwe Lange.

They now claim to have the longest proven family tree in the world, and with some good reason. But while they have identified their ancestor, the lack of any ancestors inbetween them might to some make the word ‘tree’ seem unapplicable.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any other examples you’d like to share?


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  • Melody Koert-Saul

    March 21, 2011

    You should check out my information on Ancestry.Com Melody Koert-Saul, aka Yapsalot2, I have taken once section of my famly back to adam, and it can be validated by ancestry.com

    , this might help

  • Tom

    June 10, 2011

    So, if Native Americans can state what should happen to the remains of their ancestors, does this mean that Herren Huchthausen u. Lange may lay claim to the bones of their ancestor? I’d love to enshrine one of my ancestors from time immemorial, and I’d imagine they would too. Sadly, we all know that these bones will spend the rest of their existence in a box labeled “specimen nr. xxxx,” collecting dust in the bowels of some hallowed hall of higher learning. *Sigh* Though I must admit that they would, in all likelihood, be far better protected and preserved there, than in private hands.

  • Danny

    October 21, 2012

    Any person of Italian American hertgaie who take seriously their history in this country would not make the mistake of considering themselves white. When the first Italian immigrants arrived at Ellis Island they were referred to as WOPS , without papers, our ancestors were undocumented aliens. The largest lynching in U.S. history occurred at the end of the nineteenth century and involved Italian American laborers in New Orleans, who were wrongfully accused of murder and hanged by the neck by a lynch mob when it was intimated that they might be innocent. Famously, Sacco and Vendetti were wrongly accused of the rape and murder of a small child and executed; less famous were the concentration camps for Italian Americans in World War II. Any Italian American who take the white side of the race issue oe the native side of the immigration issue is a sycophant or a fool. And that is the difference between Alito and Sotomayor.

  • suie mason

    November 22, 2014

    The Katoch dynasty[2] is considered to be the oldest surviving royal dynasty in the world.[3] They first find mention in the Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata and the second mention is in the recorded history of Alexander the Great’s war records. One of the Indian kings who in the time of Alexander ruled the area near Kangra is said to be a Katoch king.

  • Fernando

    March 2, 2015

    I got as far as the year 1730 on my mothers side. A fried got to the year 1394?

  • Yseult Williams

    March 30, 2015

    My name is Yseult Williams, my great-grand mother was Cathleen Stawell, my grand-mother patricia Paterson. They were both born and raised at colemain castle in Cork. Patricia married James. B Williams who had tow children Patrick (my father) and Marina .
    I was born in France in 1968 and now live in Paris.

  • MK Ka’ana’ana

    September 13, 2015

    My Family Tree is verifiable and documented, 100 generations, including King Kamehameha the Great.
    MK, Princess of Hawai’i

    Generation = 25 years, Wahine/female, Kane/male, Keiki/child
    1 475 BCE Paliomahilo, Palipalihia, Kumuhonua
    2 450 BCE Haloiho, Kumuhonua, Ahukai
    3 425 BCE Holehana, Ahukai, Kapili
    4 400 BCE Alonainai, Kapili, Kawakupua
    5 375 BCE Heleaeiluna, Kawakupua, Kawakahiko
    6 350 BCE Kahohaia, Kawakahiko, Kahikolupa
    7 325 BCE Lukaua, Kahikolupa, Kahikoleikau
    8 300 BCE Kupomakaikaelene, Kahikoleikau, Kahikoleiulu
    9 275 BCE Kanemakaikeelene, Kahikoleiulu, Kahikoleihonua
    10 250 BCE Haakookeau, Kahikoleihonua, Haakoakoalaulani
    11 225 BCE Kaneiakoakanioe, Haakoakoalaulani, Kupo
    12 200 BCE Lanikupo, Kupo, Nahaeikekua
    13 175 BCE Hanailuna, Nahaeikekua, Keakenui
    14 150 BCE Laheamanu, Keakenui, Kahianahinakiiakea
    15 125 BCE Luanahinakiipapa, Kahianahinakiiakea, Koluanahinakii
    16 100 BCE Hanahina, Koluanahinakii, Limanahinakii
    17 75 BCE Onohinakii, Limanahinakii, Hikuanahina
    18 50 BCE Waluanahina, Hikuanahina, Iwahina
    19 25 BCE Lohanakiipapa, Iwahina, Welaahilaninui
    20 0 Owe, Welaahilaninui, Kahiko 1
    21 25 Kupulanakehau, Kahiko 1, Wakea
    22 50 Papa, Wakea, Hoohokukalani
    23 75 Hoohokukalani, Wakea, Haloa
    24 100 Hinamanouluae, Haloa, Waia
    25 125 Huhune, Waia, Hinanalo
    26 150 Haunuu, Hinanalo, Nanakahili
    27 175 Haulani, Nanakahili, Wailoa
    28 200 Hikawaoopuaianea, Wailoa, Kio
    29 225 Kamole, Kio, Ole
    30 250 Hai, Ole, Pupue
    31 275 Kamakele, Pupue, Manaku
    32 300 Hikohaale, Manaku, Kahiko 2
    33 325 Kaea, Kahiko 2, Luanuu 1
    34 350 Kowaamaukele, Luanuu 1, Kii
    35 375 Hinakoula, Kii, Ulu
    36 400 Kapunuu, Ulu, Nanaie
    37 425 Kahaumokuleia, Nanaie, Nanailani
    38 450 Hinakinau, Nanailani, Waikulani
    39 475 Kekauilani, Waikulani, Kuheleimoana
    40 500 Mapunaiaala, Kuheleimoana, Konohiki
    41 525 Hikaululena, Konohiki, Wawana
    42 550 Hinamahuia, Wawana, Akalana
    43 575 Hinakawea, Akalana, Mauiakalana
    44 600 Hinakealohaia, Mauiakalana, Nanamaoa
    45 625 Hinakapaikua, Nanamaoa, Nanakulei
    46 650 Kahaukuhonua, Nanakulei, Nanakaoko
    47 675 Kahikiokalani, Nanakaoko, Heleipawa
    48 700 Kookookumailani, Heleipawa, Hulumanailani
    49 725 Hinamaikalani, Hulumanailani, Aikanaka
    50 750 Hinhanaiakamalama, Aikanaka, Hema
    51 775 Ulamakehoa, Hema, Kahai
    52 800 Hinauluohia, Kahai, Wahieloa
    53 825 Hoolaukahiki, Wahieloa, Laka
    54 850 Hikawaelena, Laka, Luanuu 2
    55 875 Kapokuleiula, Luanuu 2, Kamea
    56 900 Popomalili, Kamea, Pohukaina
    57 925 Huahuakapalei, Pohukaina, Hua
    58 950 Hikimoluloleo, Hua, Pau
    59 975 Kapohakia, Pau, Huanuiikalalailai
    60 1000 Kapoea, Huanuiikalalailai, Paumakua
    61 1025 Monokalililani, Paumakua, Haho
    62 1050 Kauilaianapu, Haho, Palena
    63 1075 Hikawai, Palena, Hanalaanui
    64 1100 Mahuie, Hanalaanui, Lanakawai
    65 1125 Kalohialiiokawai, Lanakawai, Laau
    66 1150 Kukamolimolialoha, Laau, Pili
    67 1175 Hinaaauaku, Pili, Koa
    68 1200 Hinaauamai, Koa, Loe
    69 1225 Hinamailelii, Loe, Kukohou
    70 1250 Hinakeuki, Kukohou, Kaniuhi
    71 1275 Hiliamakani, Kaniuhi, Kanipahu
    72 1300 Hualani, Kanipahu, Kanaloa
    73 1325 Makoani, Kanaloa, Kalapanakuioiomoa
    74 1350 Makeamalamaihanai, Kalapanakuioiomoa, Kahaimoeleaikaaikapukupou
    75 1375 Kapoakaulukailaa, Kahaimoeleaikaaikapukupou, Kalaunuiohua
    76 1400 Kaheka, Kalaunuiohua, Kuaiwa
    77 1425 Kamuleilani, Kuaiwa, Kohoukapu
    78 1450 Laakapu, Kohoukapu, Kauholanuimahu
    79 1475 Neula, Kauholanuimahu, Kihanuilulumoku
    80 1500 Waoialea, Kihanuilulumoku, Liloa
    81 1525 Akahiakuleana, Liloa, Umi
    82 1550 Kapulani, Umi, Keliiokaloa
    83 1575 Makuwahineopalaka, Keliiokaloa, Kukailani
    84 1600 Kaohukiokalani, Kukailani, Makakaualii
    85 1625 Kaakauauwao, Makakaualii, Uminuikukailani
    86 1650 Kalanioumi, Uminuikukailani, Kanaloakapulehu
    87 1675 Keakealani, Kanaloakapulehu, Keawe
    88 1700 Kalanikauleleiaiwi, Keawe, Keeaumoku
    89 1725 Kamakaimoku, Keeaumoku, Kalaninuikupuapaikalaninui
    90 1750 Kekuiapoiwa, Kalaninuikupuapaikalaninui, Kamehameha the Great
    91 1775 Kauhilanimaka, Kamehameha the Great, Kahiwa Kanekapolei
    92 1800 Kahiwa Kanekapolei, Namikiaiokalani, Puahau Kauhimakaoakalani Keanaokalani
    93 1825 Puahau Kauhimakaoakalani Keanaokalani, Ernest Pi`imauna, Victoria Kaleiula Pi’imauna
    94 1850 Victoria Kaleiula Pi’imauna, Matthew Lau Sung Iu Aiu, Theresa Kelakaia Aiu
    95 1875 Theresa Kelakaia Aiu, David Koki, Joshua David Koki I
    96 1900 Margaret Ka’ana’ana, Joshua David Koki I, Joshua David Koki II
    97 1925 Misako Hashimoto, Joshua David Koki II, VKK
    98 1950 VKK, AEH, MK Ka’ana’ana
    99 1975 MK Ka’ana’ana, JRS, Child
    100 Child

  • Kamel Bennaceur

    December 6, 2019

    I have created my family tree based on significant research. It goes up 95 generations, and has over 8300 names

  • Keenan eagles

    January 23, 2021

    My name is keenan eagles i know my great great grandfather lived in new brunswick but his great great grand parents came to the new world to new york then canada interestingly enough there were eagles that came to the new world and eagles that went to australia looking back through records on a family tree of an uncle of mine the eagles family name goes back over a thousand years and i believe there is probably tens of thousands of us now

  • SE

    Stephan Edgley

    June 5, 2023

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