Together at Last: Organizing Family Events with

Together at Last: Organizing Family Events with


A family celebration is one of the best opportunities to gather information about your relations. Sometimes you can have as much as five generations under one roof! Young and old alike get the opportunity to learn from their relatives.

To organize your gatherings and celebrations even easier, we’ve built a small feature on so that the work almost does itself.

As soon as a birthday or anniversary is due for a family member, you can choose to hear from us, not only through email notification but by small icons in the family tree – balloons for birthdays and wedding rings for anniversaries, as you can see below.

If you click on the icon you’ll reveal the date of the event, in addition to having the chance to:
* Send a greeting
* Organize a party
* Add the event to Outlook
* Look at the event in the calendar view

If the person is active in the tree, you can directly write a greeting to them and they’ll receive an email notification. If the person is not active, that’s no problem either. Simply enter the email address in the box provided and the person will also hear you good wishes.

You can set out the date, place, and time of a celebration, and send a detailed description to your family. The celebration will be entered directly in the calendar, and (if desired) everyone gets to see the details and an invitation to attend.

Enjoy your next family celebration!

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  • Justin

    March 17, 2012

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