The GeneaTweets: 02/07/2010

The GeneaTweets: 02/07/2010

A collection of the week’s weirdest, funniest, and most intriguing genealogy tweets.

“Cool, my ancestors founded the city of Martensville, Saskatchewan in Canada, eh! Happy Canada Day!” (@brojoghost)

“If there is a “WILL”, there are 500 relatives.” (@souvik1791)

“Right, time for a cup of tea and then do more work in Vintage Postcard Land. Note to self: put glasses on before trying to type.” (@OldPostcards)

“I’m almost 30 but so happy to have rediscovered the pure joy and pleasure our ancestors must have know running down an antelope for dinner.” (@zaboots)

“I enjoy my ability to consume more alcohol than most mortal men without being drunk. Glad I do my ancestors proud.” (@captainoden)

“Suppose it doesn’t matter what TV station I turn on as I’ll fall asleep in 5 mins. Getting used to sleeping to the sound of tennis or soccer” (@WollemiPine)

“Got it. My GGF was a farm superintendent; my white family rented a farm in the midst of black laborers in 1900. Wow. Genealogy is humbling.” (@jenniferwhitley)

“Our ancestors also had better bone structures that allowed them to walk long distances.” (@KodyBoyePersona)

“Never had a salmon burger but was very tasty. Wonder if my ancestors were eskimos. I love fish.” (@PatrickNH)

“Early names linked to indigo trade. Maybe finding at last why they were in India with a Huguenot name & history as weavers.” (@curlsdiva)

“Genealogy is interesting and frustrating at the same time. Still no progress on the Jochem/Joachim Scholtz front.” (@sheppeyescapee)

“Eating homemade bread and chicken shmaltz. I think my ancestors were onto something.” (@avibryant)

“Lineagekeepers great-grandmother started walking 5 miles a day when she was 60. She’s 97 now, and we don’t know where she is.” (@lineagekeeper)

“I just found out our name was changed when ancestors came over from UK. Our name was Darwin, being God fearing people it changed to Darrin.” (@kickboxingisfun)

“My ancestors were criminals ahahhahah x)” (@gestelsuperstar)

“Robert Pattinson and Dracula are Distant Relatives… That explains his Ghastly looks…” (leonardo_gani)

“Tony Hayward does has a PhD in genealogy, but generally I view that credential with scepticism.” (@Si_barat34)

“Alexander the Great may have been one of my Ancestors-he had different color eyes like mine-just a different shade” (@forhomeshop)

“I’m still torn between Sony and Nintendo as to who was better. I think it’s probably a tie” (@halbpro)

“In the tradition of our ancestors I seem to have been a little bit of a slacker” (@ElijahSuccop)

“I DECLARE IT IS SO: trucker hats are not hipster and never were. they predate hipsterism, but may share a genealogy in douchebagism.” (@thesleepyvegan)

“Here I am trying to find ancestors in the 1790 census only to find that the British burned it in 1812. Shame on you guys. :(“ (@DOB1234)

“My genealogy interest is back! Just found a database, that if I can confirm the details, cover ancestors back to 55 BC!” (@Spotshots)

“In homage to my Scottish ancestors,I’m getting my frugal on tonite. Yesss,I did just buy 6 pairs of shoes at the BEST sale ever..your point?” (@LindaWatters)

“I would LOVE to go back in time and meet my ancestors–then maybe I could figure out where my surname originated!” (@FurlsDead)