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Poll: How many hours do you spend researching per week?

We all have various ways of organising our time when it comes family history research. Whether you're an amateur, or indeed a professional genealogist, it's often easy to be consumed by one or two 'branches' of your family story.

The aim of this week's poll is to discover just how engrossed we are in our research on a weekly basis. Let the voting commence...

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  1. its to expencivt
  2. Voted: It's virtually a full time occupation for me!

    Well, it really is my occupation, so at least 5 days a week, 12 hours a day... :o)
  3. Not a bad post,in fact rlleay fine.but I rlleay miss that you didn’t express your opinion in detail, but its ok you just have different approach to writing.

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