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Video of the Week: Family Travel Videos from 1923

This week we have a type of video that's very common today, but was not so common when these were taken: the family travel video.

The clips were shot in 1923 by Dave Bloom, who was a New York City dentist at the time. The narration is by Dave's daughter, Naomi. We have three films here: the first, of a family trip to Venice; the second, of an outing to Florida; and the third, from the Netherlands.

You can find some more on the channel of Dave Bloom's grandson, here. Enjoy!

Venice, 1923 from DoctorMike on Vimeo.

Florida, 1923 from DoctorMike on Vimeo.

Trip to Europe, 1923 from DoctorMike on Vimeo.

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  1. Lovely clips! What a treasure for you, all your relatives and everyone else who gets to watch them! I am very happy to have seen them.
    I would guess that parts from the last clip are from Berlin. The signs are in German, not in Dutch. Unter den Linden and the Brandeburger Tor are both known places in Berlin. Manneken Pis is in Brussels Belgium.
  2. This is absolutely amazing.

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