The Backstreet Boys’ MyHeritage DNA Results Are Back!

The Backstreet Boys’ MyHeritage DNA Results Are Back!

You may recall we shared a video of the Backstreet Boys taking their MyHeritage DNA tests. They recently released a new studio album called DNA and are currently in the middle of their DNA World Tour. Formed over 25 years ago, the members of the band have been together for so long that they’re practically family — in fact, two of the band members are!

AJ, Howie D., Nick, Kevin, and Brian dug deeper into their past with MyHeritage DNA. Each band member took a DNA test to learn more about their origins, and their DNA results are now in!

You won’t believe what they discovered. Watch the video here:

While they were surprised by their different mixes of ethnicities, they loved the experience of learning more about their origins and what makes them who they are.

“Thanks to MyHeritage, I finally get to know who I am,” said AJ McLean.

They learned that there is more that unites us — all human beings living around the world — than divides us.

Nick Carter remarked, “I feel that MyHeritage brings the world together.”

While Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell are known first cousins, and that particular DNA Match didn’t surprise them, they each received thousands of other DNA Matches with MyHeritage users around the world.

So who knows, maybe you’re related to a Backstreet Boy? Test your DNA with MyHeritage today to find out!


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  • Diane Jameson

    September 1, 2019

    Thank you for staying in touch. I had the most amazing experience at the Oslo conference last year & am so disappointed that I am unable to attend this year as I am having major surgery in three weeks time & must avoid contact with picking up bugs in the lead up. I am hoping you will share the outcome of this year’s conference with recordings of all the lectures.

    Best wishes for the success of the conference in Amsterdam


  • Debra Burnett

    September 29, 2019

    I wish my results could have shown me my biological father.